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Led headlights

I am very pleased with the headlights really makes a difference while driving at night and easy to install

Nice product, but...

Installed these in a 2021 Subaru Outback. They look good - a brighter yellow than most bulbs and nice intensity so you are seen.

In this Subie they hyperflash at around three minutes use, which isn't a long time signaling your intention in today's traffic. This is not unique as this is the third set of LEDs that were supposed to be non-hyperflashing that I've bought. This time I went from 2 minutes to 3 minutes before they hyperflashed. Had to add a resistor to completely eliminate hyperflashing.

So Subie owners, consider buying LEDs without the built in resistors and fan and add the line resistor that you're going to need anyway.

Communications were great! Service was fast.

I’ve replaced all the exterior lights on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler with LED’s and had no issues with hyperflash. The LED’s are super bright and I especially like the switchback front Park/Turn Signals that are solid white for marker lights but then flash amber for turn signals. It really gives the classic Jeep a modern look.

Excellent products

It did really improve my car lighting and its looks. I m more than satisfied
Thank you

2014-2022 Chevrolet Silverado LED Front Turn Signal Bulbs W/ Built in Resistor No hyperflash (PAIR)

Nice and bright

Makes my truck look so good with bright leds and with no hyper flash

great service

was recommended of your lights from my cousin bought them and I will recommend them to everybody else. Very good stuff and very good work. Thank you.

23 F150

Brake and turn signal LED’s are extremely bright! May be to bright but I’m going to run them and no hyper flash. Were a little tight in the bulb plug but fit. Happy so far.

Exactly as advertised

I had a pair of AuxitAuto LED turn signals before this on my '10 ram 1500 sport and they had the hyperflash and I ran them until eventually I think not having a resistor screwed with one of them. So I got these and they are so bright and work exactly as advertised. No hyperflash and the color matches the LEDs of my head and foglights

So far so good.

I bought the switch back version of these a few years ago and they were great! A month ago when it got really cold in Texas I noticed the running light on the drivers side was out. After warming up it came back on. Then when it got cold again it went back out and stayed out. Not sure what happened as the turn signal still worked perfectly. I hope it was a fluke. They are awesome though.

Ram 1500 yellow fog lights.

Very easy to install and very bright. Great price

2022 F-150 Halogen to LED Conversion

These LED's are fantastic!! Very easy to install, super bright and instant on/off. I can't believe Ford is still using halogen, but as long as they do, you can go to Underground Lighting to modernize your truck!

Works perfect

Installed these along with front turn signals and rear backup lights in my 2004 Silverado 2500HD and they all worked perfectly. No hyperflash issues whatsoever.

Bright & No Hyperflash on 2003 Honda CR-V

So, looking to upgrade the rear lights for our 2003 Honda CR-V after one of the brake lights went out. Started looking at LED red brake and amber turn signal LEDs with the built-in resistors. I have to say...very impressed! There is no hyperflash associated with the rear turn signals. New red led brake and rear red side marker lights are very bright and clean. Brakes lights definitely let the driver behind you that you are slowing down. The amber turn signal LEDs with the built-in load resistor work well, very bright and again no hyperflash. If you are looking for LEDs without the worry of turn signal hyperflash...Underground Lighing is your source. I have five other vehicles (two of which are project vehicles) that I will over the next 7-8 months be upgrading the factory bulbs to LEDs lights. I enjoy taking something older and giving it new lights...I mean life. If you're on the fence, don't worry these LED replacements are great. Also, gives a little more assurance that you are going to be seen. As a dad, safety is also a concern when your kids are driving...anyway you get it. Cheers.

Underground Lighting 2013 Ram 2500 w/projectors HID kit install

Overall I am very satisfied with this kit! Installed it yesterday. The harnesses/wiring that came with the kit was good quality. Installation was a breeze. Drove the truck last night and I am very impressed with the light output and also beam definition. I replaced the factory incandescent bulbs in my Ram that has the factory projector headlights. Very happy with this kit. My only feedback would be to include a qr code or a link to or paper installation instructions. It's not complicated, but would be a nice touch.

Hyper flash

Bulbs are advertised as no hyper flash but will absolutely cause a random hyper flash. And yes all bulbs are pushed completely into the socket.
Vendor sent a different bulb and fixed the issue.
Great customer service.

The new LED lighting really improved the turn signal visibility on my Silverado. Had a technical question that was quickly resolved on the email from underground lighting.
Good business.


I use this particular led lite on all four corners of my 2014 GMC SIERRA 1500. I’ve found that this led makes for a brighter output on the taillites.

Many THX,

Doug Fortner…..

Very Happy

Did frontambers , brake and turn very bright and no hyper flash

They work

I tried other brands that weren’t supposed to hyperflash and these are the only ones that work

Successful in several vehicles

I used these in an Acura, Honda and Subaru. Built in resistors are the best!

Very nice upgrade…..but

I love these bulbs first of all. However the tail/brake lights aren’t as bright as I hoped, although they are brighter than stock and the color is more clean and modern. They are blinding from the side, but not as much looking straight on from the rear. Personally, I feel that isn’t the bulbs fault because they are SUPER bright. I feel it more of the limitations of the tail light housings not allowing the bulbs to project as well as ones designed for LED’s. The front turn signals are BLINDING! Funny enough I do get sporadic hyper flash but only with the lane change signal. Overall they are a super nice upgrade to stock and I would certainly recommend them.

HI, Make sure you push the bulb all the way into the socket. The leds are a lor brighter than stock bulbs. Running light will be dimmer than the brake/turn signal.