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Discover the best 9005 HID replacement bulbs and LED conversion kits online. Why waste time in going to a store when you can find the best collection of car lighting bulbs and kits here. Enjoy a wide selection of 9005 bulbs with different colors, watts and lumens. We can help you find one that suits your requirements. Get in touch with us today.


  1. Is 9005 LED bulb high or low beam?
    The 9005 LED bulb is typically used as a high-beam headlight. Can be low and high beam on some vehicles.
  2. Are 9006 and 9005 LED bulbs the same?
    The 9006 and 9005 LED bulbs are not the same. The 9006 bulb is typically used as a low beam headlight, while the 9005 bulb is used as a high beam headlight. 9006 has a thicker base or thicker rubber gasket. Where 9005 is has a thinner base or gasket.
  3. What is equivalent to a 9005-headlight bulb?
    The 9005-headlight bulb has a variety of equivalents, including the 9005XS, HB3, and H10. These bulbs are all similar in size and fitment, and can be used as a replacement for a 9005 bulb.
  4. Are H11 and 9005 headlights the same?
    The H11 and 9005 headlights are not the same. The H11 bulb is typically used as a low beam headlight or fog light, while the 9005 bulb is used as a high beam headlight.
  5. Is HID good for high beam?
    HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs can be used for both low beam and high beam headlights. HID bulbs are known for their bright, white light and long lifespan, but they do require a special ballast to operate and may not be compatible with all vehicles. HIDs are not Ideal for high beam unless the low beam stays on with the high beam. Due to the warm up time that HIDs require, when flashing the high beam quickly the output will be dull for the first 5-10 sec. LED is Ideal for high beam application since it offers instant power no warm uptime.
  6. What is the average life of an HID bulb?
    The average life of an HID bulb is around 2,000 to 3,000 hours of use. However, this can vary depending on the quality of the bulb and the conditions in which it is used.
  7. What do 9005 LED headlights fit?
    9005 LED headlights can fit a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. It is important to check the fitment of the bulb to ensure it is compatible with your specific vehicle before purchasing.
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