HID Conversion Kits

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HID stands for (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs provide an instant upgrade to your vehicle’s lighting system, illuminating the road ahead for superior brightness and safety. Underground Lighting offers a wide variety of HID Conversion/Replacement Kits, including Canbus HID Conversion Kits, that allow you to install and use HID headlights bulbs on your car or truck. Need a buying guide? Please check our blog post on the topic of how to buy the best HID bulbs and conversion kits in the market.

Underground Lighting offers HID conversion kits that guarantee bright headlights and better visibility on the road. Shop for an exciting range of HID replacement kits with multiple bulb sizes and color options for all vehicles. Canbus HID kit is included in our wide selection of aftermarket HID replacement kits.

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Frequently Asked Questions on HID Conversion/HID Replacement Kits (FAQ’s)

How do you install a HID conversion kit?

Our five-star HID Conversion Kits at Underground Lighting are not only unmatched with quality and dependability—they’re also a breeze to install. A “plug and play” installation means that removing your dull, yellow Halogen bulbs and simply replacing them with your new HID bulbs and connect it to the ballast is all you need to instantly upgrade your vehicle’s lighting look and performance.

What is a Canbus HID kit?

Canbus HID Conversion Kits, in particular, are typically used for all European cars from 2006 and beyond, as well as most and most newer cars from 2007-2008 to the present. “Canbus” refers to a type of electric wiring system. The first three letters in this term, 'CAN', stands for Controller Area Network. Canbus systems are innovative because they allow different parts of your vehicle’s network to work together without having an internal computer to communicate. A Canbus HID Kit will work with your vehicle’s system to ensure the switch from Halogen bulbs to brighter, more efficient HID bulbs is a seamless process.

How do I find the right HID Replacement Kit?

If you’re not sure which one of our top-rated HID Conversion Kits are right for your car or truck, don’t worry! You can find this information by checking your vehicle’s user manual or looking at the information stamped on your car or truck’s current bulbs. If you are unable to access or locate what you need, check out our website for compatibility information across our line of HID Conversion Kits.

Can we use 35-watt HID bulbs with 55-watt ballast?

Yes, you can! There are few 55W HID headlight bulbs/Conversion Kits on the market due to the fact that the majority of HID headlight bulbs are designed for 35W. Are HID kits universal?

HID Conversion Kits are a popular choice for their unmatched brightness, quality, and safety features. Luckily, most HID Conversion Kits are also universal, meaning that they should fit any car or truck that currently houses factory-standard Halogen headlights. Switching from dull, dim Halogen lights to show-stopping HID headlight bulbs is a cost-effective, long-lasting way to make a quick upgrade.

What are the best HID conversion kits?

The pros at Underground Lighting are here to help you choose the best HID Conversion Kit for your car or truck. We offer an array of different bulb styles and sizes; in addition to aftermarket vehicle Canbus HID Conversion Kit options. Although we stand behind all of our unbeatable products, some of the most popular picks include the H1 High End 35W Regular HID Kit (2 Pieces) that boasts an array of bright bulb colors, and the H1 HID 35W Canbus Error and Flicker Free Kits (2 Pieces) that delivers extra-efficient, dependable quality. Call, chat, or email us today to get started!

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