How to buy the Best HID Bulbs and Conversion Kits in the Market?

Have you ever driven a car at night and realized that the OEM headlights are not doing their job? Did you notice other cars with bright and stylish white or blue-tinted headlights? Car lights have come a long way since the original tungsten filament bulbs. Even though halogen bulbs remain as the common option for car manufacturers, HID bulbs are quickly becoming a favorite of car drivers. With easy availability of aftermarket HID direct replacement bulbs and comprehensive HID conversion kits, it is becoming simple for car buyers to make the purchase. And, you can also join them in personalizing your vehicle and giving it a stylish makeover.

Upgrading the Headlights: Tips for choosing the Best HID Bulbs

 Essential Tips for buying the Best HID Bulbs and Conversion Kits

Car owners upgrade the car headlights with HID conversion kits. But, many face the problems of buying cheap OEM replacement bulbs, wrongly labelled conversion kits, incorrect product delivery, etc. So, it is essential that you follow a cautious approach while buying HID bulbs and kits from the virtual/real market.

  • Study the Car

Ignoring your car is the most common mistake that you can commit while shopping for HID conversion kits. Many car buyers focus on the color, lumens and cost of the kit but they fail to see whether the product is actually made for their vehicle. Check the headlight housing. Is it a projector housing or a reflector style headlight housing? Does your car use single bulb to switch between high and low beam or are there two pairs of bulbs involved in the process? It will help you to decide between different HID kits such as single beam kit, high/lo kit, telescope kit, etc. Also, make sure that you check the factory bulb sizes. Ordering the wrong kind of bulb can make the transformation frustrating.

  • The Color Codes!

You may have loved the stunning white headlights on a car! But, when you installed the HID bulbs, you found the results to be slightly purple. If you order the bulbs without understanding the color temperature, get ready for an unsatisfactory purchase.

The color temperature (K-Kelvin Rating) is nothing but a way of describing the light emitted by the bulbs. It usually ranges from 1000 to 10,000. The colors of HID headlight bulbs include: Yellow (3000K), Pure White (5000K) White with a slight hint of blue (6000K), True Blue (8000K), Dark Blue (10,000K) and Purple (12000K). HID bulbs with 3400K-4800K are very common in the market.

Remember the higher the Kelvin rating, the bluer the output. So, avoid opting for a very high rating because it will definitely restrict your visibility during night-time.

  • The Ballast Story

If you are replacing the old HID bulbs, you do not need to buy separate ballasts to power them. But, if you are upgrading the car’s headlights from halogen to HID, you will definitely need a comprehensive HID conversion kit that includes HID bulbs, ballasts, mounting components, wiring, cable harness, etc. Before making a purchase, learn about the HID ballast to avoid making any mistakes. If your car has a CANBUS system, buy Canbus ballast to avoid constant flickering issues and error warnings. A good Canbus ballast will ensure fast response time and communicate with the car’s computer system efficiently.

To ensure proper working of the HID bulbs, all the components must have same wattage value. Usually, a 35watt HID bulb and ballast is sufficient because high-powered HID kits will emit unnecessary heat. Choose a seller that offers true 35w kit. Remember a 55w HID kit is known to cause unnecessary heating issues. Also, it is not much brighter than a true 35W kit.

Work for the Best HIDs: Other Essential Factors to keep in Mind

While choosing the best HID replacement bulbs and kits, you need to consider a few additional factors such as:

  • Durability is the Key

Do not say yes to any seller. Check the website’s reviews and ratings to ensure a quality purchase. Choosing a reliable automotive lighting store is essential because buying a decent HID headlight conversion kit can last anywhere between three to five years.

  • Worried for Warranty?

Buying quality HID bulbs is an investment. So, do not forget to check the warranty details before placing your order. Most HID bulbs come with at least one-year warranty. If there is no warranty, it is best to avoid the deal.

  • Is Installation Easy?

Choose an online seller that offers HID conversion kits with easy plug-and-play installation features. Choose a product that doesn’t need relays, extra add-ons or any kind of a wiring mess to upgrade your car’s headlights. Remember a reliable seller will always help you with the installation process and solve all your doubts diligently.

Be A Curious and Cautious Buyer!

When it comes to upgrading the headlights of your car, you need to be curious as well as cautious. Learn about different sellers that offer HID headlight bulbs and choose one that fits your requirements. Choosing a wrong product can be a waste of your time and money. So, get answers to questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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