HID Headlight Bulbs / HID Replacement Bulbs

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HID Headlight Bulbs And HID Replacement Bulbs

HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge. These headlight bulbs, also known as Xenon Gas Lights, are very efficient and provide bright illumination in even the darkest of surroundings. In addition to being very bright, HID bulbs also last up to 10,000 hours—which makes them cost-effective as well. How do they work exactly? HID bulbs are activated by an electric current that runs through a tube with electrodes on both ends. This causes a chemical reaction with the Xenon Gas, resulting in the bright light emittance. It is important to know whether the problem is with your ballast or the bulb to fix the problems with your HID headlights. For more insights, please check our blog post on the topic of how do you know if it is your ballast or bulb that has developed issues.

Are you looking for better-quality car lights? Upgrade your vehicles with our quality HID bulbs that produce the brightest light. Find the largest collection of HID headlight bulbs and HID replacement bulb sets with a wide range of lumens and watts here. Shop for premium Xenon HID bulbs at affordable prices and enjoy better visibility on the road. Free shipping facility available on orders above $99. Call, email, or chat with one of Underground Lighting’s helpful customer representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions about HID Headlight/Replacement Bulbs (FAQ's)

Can HID bulbs work in stock headlights?

Yes, you can switch your stock headlights out for newer, more efficient HID headlight bulbs. In order to do so, you will need to purchase an HID Conversion Kit. Here at Underground Lighting, we offer several options for HID Conversion Kits, in addition to a number of other lighting accessories to complete your vehicle’s upgrade. Reach out to us for assistance—we are ready to help you make the perfect pick!

Are HID headlights worth it?

HID Headlights are a popular upgrade option for several reasons. They’re compatible with most vehicles, offer an instant updated look and unbeatable light output, and are much more long-lasting than their outdated competition. Forget dim, dull, and yellowed-out headlights—Underground Lighting’s selection of HID headlights provides maximum visibility that you won’t get anywhere else. Keep you and your car or truck safe while also looking stylish with HID headlights—they’re definitely worth the investment.

How do you install HID Replacement Bulbs?

Underground Lighting offers several different HID Conversion Kits to help you install your new headlight bulbs easily and efficiently. All you need to do is determine which Conversion Kit is compatible with your particular vehicle—and that’s what we are here for! Contact us today—call, chat, or email—and one of our skilled, helpful representatives will assist you in finding the right products for your vehicle in no time.

How do I find the right size of my HID Replacement Bulb?

Luckily, Underground Lighting offers an array of HID bulbs, Conversion Kits, and HID replacement bulbs to help make switching out your headlight bulbs a breeze. If you’re not sure what size your car or truck will need, you can simply look in your vehicle’s handbook to find this information, or on the bulb itself. A size will be marked to show you what replacement you’ll need to buy. Also, you can use our year make model search bar to find the right bulb compatible with your vehicle. If you’re still not sure or unable to locate this information, we are here to help! Chat with one of our Underground Lighting team members for the quickest response. You can also call or email us and we will assist you right away.

Can I put LED bulbs in HID headlight housings?

Although you can with heavy modifications, LED bulbs will not work as well as HID bulbs in your vehicle’s headlight housing. LED bulbs will typically fit and work, however, the performance will likely not be up to your expectations. In fact, stock Halogen bulbs will usually perform better (and shine brighter) in HID headlight housing than an LED bulb. Underground Lighting has replacement HID bulbs as the perfect solution to your car or truck needs. Not sure which product to choose? No problem! Reach out to our skilled, knowledgeable representatives today—call, email, or chat with us instantly.

Why are HID bulbs so expensive?

When you first see the cost of HID bulbs, you may be wondering why the price is so high. The reason is that HID bulbs are the highest quality and best-performing bulbs on the market. Xenon light bulbs (HID) are longer-lasting and much more powerful than the traditional Halogen bulbs, which are known for being dull, dim, and projecting a “yellowed” light. HID bulbs are an easy, efficient way to instantly upgrade your car or truck’s lighting style and performance. Longer-lasting performance will actually save you money in the long run because you have to replace them much less frequently. When it comes to a heftier price tag on HID bulbs, you get what you pay for—and what you’ll get is a high-powered, high-performing, top-quality bulb that far outlasts the competition. Check out our options at Underground Lighting, and call, chat, or email us for assistance in selecting the right HID bulbs for your vehicle today.

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