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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on 3156/3157 LED Light Bulbs

Will a 3157 LED Bulb work with a 3156 socket?

Yes! The 3157 LED bulb is the dual filament option for the 3156 LED bulb. You can easily use a 3157 bulb with a 3156 socket. The two will work together seamlessly to, instantly upgrade and update your older, dimmer Halogen bulbs with the unmatched brightness of an LED Turn Signal. Note: A 3156 bulb can’t work in a 3157 Socket.

What color are LED turn signal bulbs?

LED turn signal bulbs are typically bright amber, and LED Switchback Bulbs “switch back” from bright white to amber when the turn signal is used. A pure, bright white illumination for parking lights and a rich amber color are a popular upgrade over the factory or stock incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs tend to appear very dull, dim, and don’t last nearly as long as the energy-efficient LED version.

Are brake lights and tail light the same bulb?

In short, it is the same bulb that performs two separate functions on your vehicle. This single bulb has two filaments, one for parking which is dimmer, and the other for brake which will be brighter. You may notice that from time to time, one will be working when the other is not. This further goes to show the difference between the two filaments of the bulb. However, both are essential for safety and need to be in good working order.

Do LED turn signal Bulbs need a load resistor?

Yes, you will need a load resistor for each LED bulb that you install on a turn signal circuit. When it comes to changing out or upgrading your vehicle’s lighting system, refreshing your car or truck with LED turn signal bulbs are a great investment—they’re brighter and longer-lasting than their older, dimmer Halogen predecessors.

How are 3157 LED Bulbs different from 3156 LED Bulbs?

Basically, a 3157 bulb is the dual filament option for the 3156 LED bulb. Luckily, you can easily use a 3157 bulb on a 3156 socket with full functionality of the 3156 bulb. You will need to purchase an LED bulb that can be used with both 3156 and 3157 bulbs. LED bulbs are a wonderful option for upgrading your incandescent bulbs, which are often outdated, dull, and dim yellow. Instead, opt for a bright, pure white illumination that won’t cast a blinding glare on oncoming traffic.

Can I use 3157 instead 4057?

Yes, the 3157 bulb is compatible with many different bulb sizes, including the 4057. You’ll be more than impressed with the unmatched light output that comes with installing newer, brighter LED bulbs—in addition to the added safety. A brighter light that won’t blind other drivers on the road keeps everyone safe and able to clearly see in even the darkest of road conditions.

Can I put LED bulbs in my tail lights?

Yes, you can replace your incandescent tail light bulbs with LED bulbs. Not only will this provide an updated look for your vehicle, but it will lessen the likelihood of someone hitting your car or truck! Any added safety measures are always an investment worth making. Additionally, LED bulbs shine brighter and are longer-lasting than the competition—saving you both time and money in the long-run. LED tail light bulbs are also a smart choice because they shine brightly without casting a blinding glare onto other drivers.

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