ClickCease 7440/7443 LED Bulbs – Brake Lights, Switchback Bulbs


What is a 7440-bulb used for?

As forementioned, 7440 is for signal filament such as turn signal, or back up light.

What is a 7443-bulb used for?

7443 is for dual filament like Parking and Turn signal or Brake and Turn Signal.

Are 7443 and 3157 bulbs interchangeable?
  • While they are not exactly the same, 7443s and 3157 bulb models are in close competition with one another.
  • The main difference between the two is the size—the 7443 bulb is slightly larger.
  • Both the 3157 model and the USA-designed 7443 Switchback LED Bulb offer a stellar choice for direct turn signal replacement bulbs
  • They also both offer white/amber light filaments, as well as protection against hyper-flashing and error codes.
  • The 7443 also comes complete with a built-in resistor on the turn signal filament, as opposed to both the white and amber light filaments.
    • This added protection against overheating is very valuable.
  • As with the 3157, the 7443 features dual-colored LED lights with 360-degree output for that coveted “best in class brightness.”
  • This model, like the 3157, also offers easy, “plug and play” installation for additional time-saving benefits.
    • No additional resistors are needed, adding to the benefit of this bulb model.
What size are 7440 bulbs?
  • Size is a factor when you’re trying to establish compatibility between different types of turn signal bulbs and your car or truck’s make and model.
  • 7440 single filament bulbs are typically 25 watts and used as rear turn signal lights as well as reverse lights, depending on the vehicle.
  • They cannot be placed into a 7443-bulb socket; however, a 7443-replacement bulb can often be placed successfully into a 7440 socket.
How many lumens does a car brake light have?
  • The amount of light output from a car’s rear brake lights depends on the particular car or truck in question.
  • Typically, rear brake lights are between 5 and 100 lumens.
  • By comparison, front car lights range anywhere from 10 to thousands of lumens. That’s quite a difference!
  • To illustrate the difference, consider this—on a clear night, a full moon is approximately 1 lumen. This gives you a visual example of the power of car brake lights’ lumens.

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