Yellow vs. White Fog Lights: Make a Better Decision for Brighter Light

Winter is coming! And, so is fog. Get ready for the foggy weather conditions with high-quality fog lights. Learn whether white or yellow fog lights are better for you. Here are a few scientific facts to help you make the right buying decision.

Third Brake Light: The Quintessential Safety Feature in your Vehicle

The third-brake light may look small but it is a significant part of a vehicle. Learn its importance and get quick tips for buying LED third-brake lights to improve your vehicle’s visibility.

Strobe Lighting: Can you use them for Private Vehicles?

Lighting may be the most effective way of transforming the look of a car. But, you need to consider the legal rules of installing strobe lighting. Many states allow restricted use of strobe lights. Understand the basics of the ‘flashy’ strobe lighting and get ready to make an informed purchase.

Off-Road Car Lighting 101: Everything you need to know

Are you planning to use your vehicle for off-road driving? Is the car equipped with off-road LED lights? You cannot rely on the standard headlights because lack of street lighting means there will not be enough illumination to drive the car safe. Understand the 3 C’s of off-road lights and get ready to enjoy the beautiful terrain.

LED Headlights - Why do they have a Bright Future?

When it comes to upgrading the car lights, LED bulbs are proving to be a popular option. You may find several cars with amazing, bright LED bulbs that offer better illumination at night. Understand the benefits of LED headlights and learn why it can be a good option for your car.

HID Ballast 101: Everything you need to know about Ballasts

Are you upgrading from halogen bulbs to HID bulbs? Or are you changing the old bulbs for better lighting on the road? Ballasts prove to be an important component of the HID car lighting technology. Understand its importance and learn how to buy the right HID ballasts for your car.

Automotive Lighting made Easy with Innovative Products and Efficient Service

When it comes to HID kits and LED car lighting, car owners have to rely on options available at the local auto shop. But, there is one automotive lighting manufacturer and supplier that is changing the way people shop for headlights and fog lights. Underground Lighting puts the power in your hand. Its top-quality products, efficient service, comprehensive search feature and affordable price make it stand apart from other players of the industry.

How much does it Cost to repair Car Headlights?

Are the car headlights not bright as they used to be? Are you worried about the additional expense of repairing them? Learn what is the cost of replacing the bulb as well as the entire headlight assembly. Understand the installation cost for the entire procedure and make a wise decision.

HID vs. LED Headlights: Dealing with the Car Lighting Dilemma

With the influx of new car lighting options in the market, car owners can now move away from halogen bulbs and consider other exciting technologies. If you are confused about choosing between HID and LED headlights, we have the answer for you.

Underground Lighting Canbus HIDs Vs Other Brands

Learn more about why 35W HID Conversion Kit manufactured by Under Ground Lighting is better than 55W kits available in the market. And, we provide really plug and play kit.