Things to Consider Before Buying Fog Lights

When you find yourself driving through particularly foggy or otherwise hazy conditions, a reliable, fully functional set of fog lights are imperative for making it to your destination safely.

Are you in the market for new fog lights?

Before you buy, brush up on your knowledge relating to car and truck fog lights in order to make the smartest decision.

Driving Lights Vs. Fog Lights

First, it is important to know and understand the difference between driving lights and fog lights. While it can be easy to confuse the two, there are definite distinctions.

While similar, fog lights and driving lights have slightly different jobs.

  • Fog lights are designed to illuminate the road/area ahead of your vehicle. They are particularly important in low-visibility conditions, such as foggy, snowy, dusty, or otherwise hazy surroundings.
  • Driving lights, which are mounted to the front of a vehicle, work by illuminating the area forward of the vehicle as well as supplementing the high beam of standard car or truck headlamp systems.
    • Driving lights usually function in two settings—low-beam or high-beam.
  • Quality fog lights are a key addition to any vehicle for providing an extra layer of light without causing distraction or hazards to oncoming traffic.
    • Fog lights are also designed to be used in conjunction with a car or truck’s standard lights but should only be used in necessary conditions.

Things to Consider Before Making The Purchase

Below are some more very important factors to consider when selecting the right fog lights for your vehicle.

  • Is your car or truck’s lighting look old and outdated? If your vehicle’s fog lights are dim, dull, and yellowed, or otherwise just not projecting sufficient light and visibility on the road ahead, then investing in a new pair is likely your best bet.
  • Dependable, efficient fog lights will protect you—as well as others in your car or truck and on the road with you—from a hard-to-see snafu that can occur as a result of the weather.
  • Inclement weather conditions may not be under your control, but the lights and accessories you equip your vehicle with are something you can be sure to properly prepare for in any instance.
  • Knowing what your car or truck needs and making smart decisions about what and when to upgrade your car’s lighting look will keep you on the road, safely, for as long as possible.
  • If you find yourself frequently driving in conditions that consist of frequent foggy, snowy, dusty, or other low visibility conditions, a reliable set of fog lights is going to be a wise choice.

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Which Fog Lights Should I Buy?

Now that you’ve become familiar with what exactly fog lights do, what features you should look for, and why a solid set of fog lights will keep you safe on the road, you can narrow down your selection to the product picks that are right for your car or truck.

H11 LED Fog Light bulbs, 40W 6000LM—this pick from Underground Lighting is a welcome refresher from old, yellowed-out Halogen bulbs.

  • They pack a punch with 40W of 6000LM output.
  • Made in the USA, this five-star pair of fog lights comes in your choice of 6000K white light or 3000K of bright yellow.
  • Error-and flicker-free performance provide worry-free driving.

9006 40W 6000LM LED Fog Light Kit—customers flock to these fog lights thanks to their superior shine and brightness.

  • Choose from 6000K white or 3000K yellow lights to illuminate your road ahead.
  • A sleeker, slimmer design is much preferred over bigger and bulkier models.
  • “Plug and play” installation makes setup a breeze.
  • LED chips are specially placed in order to minimize glare to oncoming traffic.
  • Made in the USA, these better, brighter bulbs will keep you safe wherever you travel.

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