Everything you need to know about Switchback LEDs

What are Switchback LEDs?

You ever wondered how someone’s lights switch from a glossy white to an amber color and switch back? Switchback LED bulbs are your answer. Switchback LED bulbs provide a unique way to upgrade your vehicle’s lighting. Using a dual filament socket, switchback LED bulbs light up with white as the low-filament running light and switch to bright amber anytime you toggle that turn signal. When you’re done turning, and the signal lever is back in the center position, they will “switchback” to the white running lights again.

Switchback LEDs take it to the next level compared to their non-LED counterparts. 

Underground Lighting's 3157 Switchback LED and Underground Lighting's 7443 Switchback LED Bulbs are precisely that, NEXT LEVEL.

Any vehicle

LED switchbacks come available for any type of vehicle. RV, Truck, Car, SUV, etc.… they can all use switchback LEDs. Your lights will be either on parking or daytime running lights (DRL), the bright white color. When you engage the turn signal, the amber color comes on and switches back to white afterward.

Safer Driving

By utilizing the color change of white-amber-white, you provide other motorists with better visibility of your vehicle. This decreases the risk of collisions and injuries, something we all would favor. An excellent example of this in practice would be if you looked back and saw someone with their signal on braking behind you. You can quickly notice that vehicle’s approach. This points to the apparent fact that driving with switchback LEDs is a safer practice for everyone. The next time your halogens need a replacement, take it one step further than an LED replacement by getting switchback LEDs.

What is usually required?

It’s always important to ask professionals what is required when installing any part of your vehicle. With switchback LEDs, keep in mind you will likely need load resistors for full-functionality. It is always a safe bet to check with a professional before confirming your order.

Style Points

Not only do they make you safer, but they look fantastic in action. These types of lights provide a unique style to your vehicle that tends to make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to boost your ride’s look and make it safer at the same time, switchback LEDs are the right move to make.

Basic Diagnostics

  • If your switchback bulbs are lighting up white, Voltage is applied to the positive (+) white contacts of the bulb by the system.
  • If your switchback bulbs are lighting up amber, Voltage is applied to the positive (+) amber contacts of the bulb by the system.
  • If your switchback bulbs are not lighting up, no voltage is applied to either the positive (+) amber contacts or the (+) white contacts of the bulb by the system.

Not all bulbs are the same

Not every LED bulb will come as a “plug and play” setup. With Underground Lighting, it is all plug and play. Our bulbs come with built-in resistors to take out the difficulty associated with installing switchback LEDs. When diagnosing LED bulbs, though, it is not advised to plug in your LED bulb to the vehicle to test it. Simply put, you’re not able to isolate the bulb problems from circuit-related problems. Check with a pro or your resource on how to test your bulbs. Also, don’t forget to double-check your bulbs measurement. An expert can get you this answer right away.

Switchback bulb types

There are two styles of switchback bulbs. One type is the (AO) or Amber-Off, and another is the (AW) or Amber-White type. The (AO) switchback bulb senses when voltage is applied to the Amber turn-signal circuit, and then the bulb switches off power to the white running light for a couple of seconds. Most vehicles with this type of switchback LED is a flashing amber-off-amber-off when the turn signal is activated. This occurs even when there is power to the white running light.

Subsequently, the bulb will switchback to white if the headlights are switched on, and the turn signal circuit is switched off for 2 seconds. A switchback will occur if the headlights are switched off, and the turn signal is switched off for 2 seconds.

The (AW) switchback bulb senses when voltage is applied to the Amber turn signal circuit; the bulb then switches to amber mode. The result will be a flashing of amber-white-amber-white when the turn signal is activated, and the headlights are on. In some vehicles, the white running light’s power is automatically turned off when the turn signal is activated. In these cases, the AW will flash amber-off-amber-off when the turn signal is activated.

In most vehicles, the AW switchback will flash amber-off-amber off whenever the turn signal is activated and the headlights/running lights are off.

Our Switchback LEDs

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a brighter, more efficient LED bulb on the market! Designed here in the USA, these bulbs feature an impressive 32 dual-color LED chip design. We created a CANBUS LED switchback that only has a built-in resistor on the turn signal filament. Having a resistor on both the amber and white filament will lead to melting the housing or the LED falling apart in the housing. Our switchback protects the LED from being exposed to constant heat, eliminating this issue. We assure no hyper-flashing or error codes. Our LED is an excellent replacement for the factory incandescent bulb without the need to add extra resistors or parts.

Make sure you do your research when getting replacements. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re digging for information on just that topic. Make sure you reach out to our experts for answers to questions you cannot answer. They can answer your questions and save you time now, so you’re back on the road with a great pair of lights.