The Best HID Lights For Your Car

It’s finally that time; you’re getting a HID headlight bulb replacement. HIDs provide the very best of quality light in the automotive lighting industry. Navigating to your next HID bulb can be a challenge. Lasting upwards of 10,000 hours, you can be sure that HID lights from Underground Lighting are the best and brightest to meet your needs. Time isn’t everything; There are some other essential features to recognize on the best HID headlights your vehicle’s next replacement. 

Best HID Car Lights 

Ballast type. This is simple. Underground Lighting provides bulbs for each ballast type but don’t get caught up in 35W, 55W, or 70W Ballasts. This is because any bulb that can fit the ballast will work. Be aware of the main reason to use corresponding ballasts and headlight bulbs is for the light’s lifetime. If you use a 35W bulb with a 55W ballast, chances are your bulb is going to have a shorter life. The choice is yours, but your decision may have an impact on the life of the bulb.

The difference between Underground Lighting bulbs and others on the market is that our HID bulbs, like our H7 HID replacement bulbs, work with 35W and 55W ballast. You’re going to be sure that no matter what type of HID Headlight you can think of, each one of Underground Lightings HID Headlight Replacement bulbs is compatible, high-quality, and fit your needs. We still recommend using a 35W kit; using less juice means greater longevity, color, and with the same brightness.

Quality In Every Pair. The best HID lights stand out from the crowd:

  • Durable Lights - Seek out a product with quality reviews that point to “why” the product worked for them. Satisfied buyers come back and provide real feedback that validates the manufacturer. A decent HID headlight replacement can last from three-to-five years.
  • Easy-to-install - Installing a HID conversion kit is simple with plug-and-play installation features. This kind of installation prevents messy resale problems because we skip all of the extra add-ons and complicated wiring.
  • Responsibility - Sometimes, unexpected things happen. Choose a HID conversion kit or replacement from a seller that demonstrates accountability for their product. Always check the warranty details before making your purchase. Responsible sellers with quality products take credit for their actions.

Legal Lights

The best HID lights or replacement kit for your car is most likely the legal replacement. HID headlights can come in a variety of colors. Some states have legal requirements for light colors. We are not here to serve information on the legality of the lights. However, it should be understood that some colors are just allowed in places. Blue or purple colors may be illegal in some states and not in others. In the United States, white or yellow lights are the primary legal colors. These colors, on the K-Kelvin Rating, are:
  • Yellow (3000K)
  • White (5000K)
  • White with Blue (6000K)
  • True Blue (8000K)
  • Dark Blue (10,000K)
  • Purple (12,000K)

To avoid any legal issues, please follow your local, state, and federal guidelines.

D1 / D3 Bulbs. Not just a bulb, these are the best of the best and are distinguishable by the metal box attached to the glass bulb itself. Built as an ‘igniter’ in D1 and D3 bulbs, these bulbs are different from the D2 and D4 counterparts as those bulbs require a separate piece for that function. The D1 bulb operates at 85V; the D3 bulb operates at 42V. Since there is less power consumption, the D3 bulbs are the environmentally safe version. They’re also mercury-free. D3 and D1 are not interchangeable.

D2 / D4 Bulbs. As just mentioned, these bulbs require a separate ‘igniter’ and have the same differences in voltage. D2 are 85V, and D4 are the environmentally safer 42V that are mercury-free like the D3. These types of bulbs cannot mix components from the two systems.

D5S Bulbs. Introduced recently, these HID headlights are versatile as they require no AC power to ignite and burn the Xenon gases inside. Keep that in mind when you turn on the lights, they’ll be substantially less than that of the D1 - D4 counterparts.

Power Supply. The best HID Lights for your car require the best type of power supply in their use. We could think of an AC power injection to be cleaner, whereas a DC kit delivers power straight to the bulbs. The AC power supply will be more expensive than DC, but there is an unmatched cost quality. This may not affect the bulb’s output as they can be equally incredible to ride with, but one may last much longer than the other.

Cost versus Quality. The best HID headlights will cost over $100 for some vehicles. That is a tough price tag to stomach sometimes but take pleasure in knowing this is a long-term investment. You can be sure that you are driving at night with headlights that will not let you down. If you opt for a bulb $40 and above, you will find that these bulbs will provide a warranty that covers both ballasts and bulbs. No matter what condition you’re in, you can almost guarantee the lights you buy will be a solid buy. Even if the bulbs fail and you need a replacement, you can be sure that a great manufacturer of these bulbs is going to have your back. If bulbs go below the $30 mark, take heed and think about your bulb’s safety and longevity and your vehicle’s maintenance cycle. Lights are just something to take seriously, and we take pride and pleasure in making innovative lights to market. It’s not enough to have cool-looking lights, but enough to have cool lights that provide safety and security.

Underground Lighting has several high-quality, high-standard HID headlights and replacements for your vehicle. Save more than just time when you are ready to upgrade to your car’s best HID lights.