Underground Lighting Canbus HIDs Vs Other Brands

What makes our kit BETTER than the rest? 

Our kit is a true 35W kit ( where other brands state 35W but are really about 26w) designed to work with the computers in the car. The canbus function is high end with a very fast read and response time to communicate with the car correctly, insuring there will be no error code or flickering. Our kit does not use relays or add-ons, it is truly plug and play.

Why we don't offer 55W kits and why you should not use them?

55w is not much brighter then our true 35W kit. A 55w kit is really pushing about 44-46 watts. So compared to our true 35W its not much brighter instead it runs a lot more hotter. Which puts stress on the wiring harness and can cause melting and lots of damage.