Why You Should Upgrade to LED Turn Signal Lights?

It’s easy not to think about your turn signals very much. After all, if you’re like most drivers, you may never even see what yours look like. And yet, they are an important safety feature that keeps your vehicle not only legally compliant with highway safety rules but also helps to keep you highly visible to other people on the road.

You need them, but simple compliance with the rules doesn’t necessarily give you the optimal level of safety that most drivers prioritize on the roads. Some turn signals are better than others. LED lights are well known for their longevity and impressive performance on the road.

In this article, we look at what makes them special, and how you can use them to improve your safety on the road. Read on to learn more about why you should upgrade to LED turn signal lights!

What are the purposes of turn signals?

The entire purpose of turn signals is to make your behavior easier to comprehend for other motorists on the road. They may see you slowing down, but without the turn signal, it is difficult to tell why or for how long.

When the turn signal flips on, a clearer picture begins to emerge. Old Joe Schmoe up the road isn’t trying to make me angry. There’s a point to this slowing down business and before long it will be behind both of us.”

A long time ago, hand signals did the trick. Things have changed considerably. For one thing, it was never terribly safe to stick your hand out of a moving vehicle. But cars now go significantly faster than they did a century ago. Now, there is a big premium on giving other motorists as much information as they need to make their decisions in a split second.

A clear turn signal does that in a matter of seconds.

Why upgrade to LED Turn Signal Lights?

But I already have a turn signal. You do, of course. Or if not, you’ve probably had a chat or two about it with highway patrol in recent days. Turn signals are a legal obligation and an important safety feature that every car should have. But is there a compelling reason to upgrade yours?

LED light bulbs have two major advantages over alternative options. The most obvious of these is that they are extremely bright. An LED signal sends a strong message to other motorists on the road. With these bulbs on your vehicle, your actions will be highly visible, day or night, regardless of the weather.

The other thing is that LED lights tend to last longer. A high-quality unit may feature up to 50,000 hours worth of life to it. This means that you may very well be able to use the same lights for the entirety of your car's life expectancy. Make one purchase, perform the easy installation, and then forget all about it. Not only is this convenient for you, but it’s better for the environment, helping to cut back on unnecessary waste.

Best LED Turn Signal Bulbs to Buy

So, you’re sold on the need for LED turn signals, but you’re not so sure what you should buy. No sweat. Below, we highlight some of the best LED turn signals on the market.

7443 7444 Red Brake light Bulbs

These bright 7443 7444 Red Brake light Bulbs feature an easy “plug and play,” installation, these straightforward bulbs will be great for people that want a simple solution for their turn signal needs. Optimized to avoid the “hyper flashing,” dashboard alert that is so common to LED upgrades, these units will be the perfect solution for people who want to avoid the complicated troubleshooting that can crop up with even straightforward DIY installations.

The bulbs are bright, reliable, and durable, featuring silent cooling fans to keep them operational in all conditions.

7440/7443 Amber Turn Signal LED W/ Built-in Resistors

The 7440/7443 amber-colored turn signal has been specially built with custom resisters that offer a design departure from the standard “filament resistor,” model. Standard resister compositions result in the deterioration of the housing over time. Our custom job allows you to get all the benefits of a resister without the associated risks.

The bulbs feature a simple installation and burn considerably brighter than the standard, factory default bulbs.

3157 Red Brake light, Turn Signal LED W/ Built-in Resistors No Hyper Flash

Coming in classic red, the 3157 red brake light features built-in custom resistors and will not generate the hyper flash warning, just like the other two units featured on our list. The bulbs are optimized for brightness and remain highly visible in all road conditions.

Once again, installation is simply a matter of popping the units in and forgetting about them, making this an approachable option for people regardless of their skill level.


Replacing your turn signals is easy with the right product. All of the options featured above feature a high level of performance that is on the other side of a simple installation. Pick the unit that you think will be best for your needs and enjoy the heightened performance.