Top Five Fog Light Bulbs to Buy in 2022

Fog lights are an essential safety tool in vehicles; they shine more intensely than regular headlights and make it possible for you to drive through unclear weather. Additionally, they also protect your rear from incoming vehicles.

However, their high intensity makes them much more likely to dim or burn out eventually; this can be a problem, especially during months when visibility is usually low. Some fog bulbs perform better than others, which is why this article will reveal some things to consider when replacing fog bulbs and the best ones to buy this year.

How Do Fog Light Bulbs Work?

Fog light bulbs are designed to penetrate the low visibility of foggy weather; in this way, they are unlike ordinary headlights scattered across the fog.

For efficiency, fog lights are placed below the headlights with a minimum distance from the ground. Since fogs tend to hover 12-18 inches above the ground, the fog lights are usually beneath the fogs. This way, the light can penetrate through the fog without scattering.

Car manufacturers place fog lights on the front and rear of the car; rear fog lights protect the car from oncoming vehicles. Despite the efficiency of fog lights, you should always drive carefully during fog to prevent an accident.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fog Light Bulb

Properly functioning fog light bulbs can mean the difference between safety and danger, so getting a proper one is crucial. Here are some things to consider before buying a fog light bulb:

  • Is your vehicle's fog lighting old still projecting enough light and visibility? If your fog lights are dull or yellowing, it may be time to invest in new bulbs.
  • Identify what your vehicle needs and make intelligent decisions about the kind of fog light that would fit it.
  • In what conditions do you usually drive? If you frequently drive in low visibility, you need proper fog light bulbs.

Best Fog Light Bulbs to Pick in 2022

Getting the best fog light bulbs is more than just a matter of aesthetics; it has to do with your safety. Underground lighting has one of the best fog lights on the market. Check out some of their best products of 2022:

9006 White LED CSP Chips For Fog Light

The 9006 White LED CSP Chips have a pair of bright high-power specially designed for vehicles of many brands. They have a lighting output of 2000 lumens for each bulb and are heat resistant with fast thermal diffusion. Underground lighting offers a one-year warranty.

White H11 LED Fog Light Kit

White H11 LEDs come with a pair of bright, high-power CSP SMDs especially designed for vehicles. They make brilliant fog lights and daytime running lights but not very poor headlights.

H11 LED Fog lights have a lighting output of 2000 lumens and a color rating of 6000K, giving them a pure white appearance. The bulbs also have fast thermal and heat resistance and come with a one-year warranty. 

9006 LED Fog Light Kit

The 9006 LED Fog lights are an upgrade from light halogen lamps that barely brighten the road. The 9006 LED Fog lights are well adapted to offer the best light pattern for reflector and projector-style fog lights.

They have the shortest and slimmest LED bulbs. They also come with LED chips that reduce glare to oncoming traffic and focus light on where it is most needed. They also have excellent heat dissipation, which makes them durable.

H11 Yellow LED Fog Light Bulbs (3200 LM)

Yellow light has longer wavelengths and can travel longer distances, which makes the H11 Yellow LED Fog Light Bulbs in dark, foggy situations. They come with superior brightness, energy efficiency, and unbeatable durability.

H11 Yellow LED Fog bulbs come with a color rating of 3000K and a light output of 3200 lumens, making them one of the brightest fog light bulbs on the market. They have additional features that keep you safe under low visibility and are also easy to install.

White Fog Light Bulbs Vs. Yellow Light Bulbs- Which One To Buy?

Yellow light bulbs are fog lights that turn yellow when you turn them on. They also have a high penetrating power that allows a driver to see through the fog. But are they better than fog light bulbs? We will compare both lights under three criteria:


Many people prefer yellow light for various reasons. The natural eye is more lenient toward yellow lights, giving vehicles a more aesthetic look. White lights usually come with a somewhat blue shade, giving the vehicle a simplistic look.


Yellow light is bright but reduces glare toward other drivers, making them preferable in many low-visibility situations when water is in the air (like rain or snow). White lights have more glare, but they illuminate the road better than Yellow lights.


Yellow light has a longer wavelength and can illuminate the road at a greater distance. On the other hand, white light has a shorter wavelength and is less efficient in covering long distances.

So which is better? Whether to use yellow or white light depends on your preference or whether the light is legally required in your area or where you plan to visit.



Fog lights are essential for vehicles as they allow drivers to move safely in low visibility situations. They have high-power bulbs that penetrate fogs more than regular headlights.

Many drivers can choose between yellow light and white light fog bulbs. Yellow light travels farther but is not as bright as white light, which has a shorter range.

Underground lighting provides the best fog light bulbs in the market, and their bulbs shine brighter and keep you safer while traveling.