Some of the best car lighting ideas to make your car look lit

Do you want to make your car look great without spending a fortune on upgrades? Well, the good news is that you can achieve your dream of a sparkling, shining, glowing ride by adding some cool lighting systems. You don't have to spend a bundle nor do you need to be a technical genius or electronics wizard.

All it takes is a little dedication, a fair amount of elbow grease, a few hours in the garage on a weekend, and a plan for how to make your car or truck look like a million bucks. You have lots of options, like adding fog lights for an ethereal glow, doing a basic headlight upgrade by using different types of headlights, adding some high-powered high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights, or purchasing a light-emitting diode (LED) headlight conversion kit to transform your car's beams. If you want, you can even replace old, dull headlight lenses and make those headlamps shine like a lighthouse.

Here are some of the hottest lighting ideas for 2020:

LEDs All-Around

If you're not used to LED lights, they'll make a deep impression on you the very first time you install them in your vehicle. LEDs have a way of bringing even an older vehicle to life with their energy-efficient beams. If you drive a used car or truck that needs a "facelift," LEDs can do the trick.

One reason so many vehicle owners are opting for them is not only because they consume a minuscule amount of electricity but because they're so darn efficient. It's truly amazing how such a small bulb that consumes such a tiny amount of power can deliver a resoundingly super-powered beam of solid light. Maybe that's why so many homeowners are opting for LEDs in their homes. 

Plug-N-Play Kits

Whether you want to upgrade with fog lights or headlights of higher quality, check out a project that many vehicle owners are tackling during the national lock-down, which—by the way—is the perfect time to do a lighting upgrade. Namely, it's just an all-around fog lamp and headlight replacement but with the best bulbs you can find. There's no sense in risking an accident with the old, dusky bulbs you've been burning for years.

Plus, replacing those yellowed, peeling lenses will make a world of difference. What does this project call for? You’ll want three things: 1) a pair of top-quality fog lamps paired with 2) a brand new set of either LED or HID headlamps and 3) fresh, crystal-clear lenses that allow the full range of your new beams to shine like a diamond in the sun.

Third Brake Light

Add a third brake light for both aesthetic appeal and functional value. These lights are simple to install and are priced right. You'll be surprised at how many people come up to you at service stations and grocery store parking lots just to ask, "Hey, where did you get that light? Did you install in yourself?" It's always fun to say, "Yeah, I did that upgrade myself."

LED Fog Lights

 Want a cool look that also delivers a heavy dose of safety? Try an LED fog light to show people you want to be safe. With the right price and simple installation, you can reduce your chances of being in an accident with these scientifically designed beams that emit powerful, efficient beams of LED light in the heaviest of foggy conditions. You'll be seen from a distance and reduce the risk of a collision. No special tools are needed for installation either.

HID Bulbs

Want a powerful shot of xenon light emitting from your front lamps? Try an HID for your next headlight replacement project. These babies are the real thing and are the best choice for xenon-lovers who tend to value-powerful lighting that is not only readily visible but is solid white and glows in a way that makes your car instantly noticeable.

HID Conversion Kits

Why settle for a pair of bulbs when you can get everything you need in a single conversion kit? For a fraction of the price of purchasing all the components separately, kits allow you to make a one-stop-shop visit to your online retailer and get everything you need at once.

Again, like most HID and LED bulbs and kits, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get the job done in under an hour, with no expensive tools or instructional videos needed.

Whatever lighting upgrades you decide to go for, remember, safety first! Always wear protective eye gear when you work on your car. And, especially when working with electrical appliances and batteries, unplug any wires from their power sources before you work with them.

Lights are a special case because you will eventually have to test them and see if you've connected them properly. But when you do so, be certain to stay away from the car's battery or the power source you are using to test the lights you have just installed. Always work in an area where there is plenty of fresh air, too.