Replacing your car headlights: Simple things you must take care of while replacing your car headlights

Are you getting ready to replace your vehicle's headlights because they look dim, are flickering, suffer from weak beams, have cracks or are otherwise malfunctioning? If so, turn a bad situation into a good one but upgrading your headlight set when you put in new ones. Don't make the mistake of replacing your old, worn-out bulbs with the exact same style and brand that died on you. Instead, opt for a higher-quality set of lights that will last longer, offer better quality, and keep you safe on the road, day or night, in any kind of weather. An LED headlight kit is just one choice. 

What are some of your options? Many vehicle owners with dying bulbs select an LED headlight conversion kit, HID headlights, new headlight lenses, or other modern, long-lasting products..

Smart Options For Replacing Your Old Headlights

  • HID Headlights and Conversion Kits: The unique blue-white light of HIDs is very similar to natural sunlight, which means you and your vehicle are more visible to other drivers and to pedestrians. High-intensity discharge lights also use gas rather than a filament. That means, compared to standard halogen bulbs, HIDs are more powerful as a source of light. And because HIDs last about 2,500 hours, you won't be replacing them very often. Now legal everywhere, HID lighting kits are competitively priced, offer very good value, and are surprisingly easy to install, taking the average person only about a half-hour from start to finish.
  • LED Headlights and Conversion Kits: An LED headlight conversion kit offers multiple advantages for vehicle owners. They're not only brighter than standard halogens but are quite easy to install and last for a long time. They also offer a high level of cost efficiency due to their long lives. Night driving is much safer when you use LEDs to light the way, and LEDs come in several different color options for owners who need new headlights.
  • New Lenses If your headlights are on their last legs, it's pretty likely that your lenses are worn out as well. When you replace your headlights, consider choosing a pair of fresh, clean, high-quality lenses to add to the luster of your vehicle's appearance and to allow the full power of the new lights' beams to be fully projected.

Signs That Your Current Headlights Are Ready To Die

Are the headlights on your car or truck ready to say goodbye? Here are some of the sure signs that it's time to get new lights:.

  • Cracked Headlight Lenses: The main problem with cracks, in addition to exposing your headlight to the elements, is that it greatly reduces your night-driving vision. That's because cracks alter the beam direction and its strength, turning an otherwise good headlight into an ineffective one.
  • Dimming: Most bulbs dim with age, but when your headlights are noticeably dimmer than usual and begin to emit a yellowish beam of light instead of a white one, it's time to replace them.
  • Weak Beams: Weak headlight beams, like inadequate flashlight beams, don't illuminate very well at all. In fact, you can usually tell if your vehicle's beams are failing because you won't be able to see far down the roadway at night and will have to strain your eyes to see several yards ahead. This is a sure sign that you need new headlights.
  • Flickering: If your headlights flicker, they are having their "last gasp" of life. This is a warning sign for you, actually. Lights are designed to flicker just before they burn out completely, which is one of the most dangerous situations a driver can fact in darkness. When your lights flicker, replace them as soon as possible and avoid driving your car.
  • Erratic Behavior: When your headlights seem fine one day and bad the next, only to return to being okay the following day, you need new ones. This erratic kind of performance from headlights means they are getting ready to die. Pay attention to any irregularities with your headlights so you'll be able to get fresh ones when the time is right.

Don't Wait To Replace Faulty Headlights

In most cases, the longer you wait to replace a faulty headlight, the worse it will get. Later on, you'll end up spending more if you don't correct the problem right away. One reason to take care of the situation asap is that dying headlights can cause problems with your vehicle's entire electrical system. Besides, it's extremely dangerous to drive with lights that are too dim and susceptible to go out completely without warning..

Thousands of road crashes each year are caused by burned-out, dim, or poorly-aimed headlights, so if you need new lights, give us a call at (718) 986-2146 or simply visit our website and order exactly what you need to fix the situation. At Underground Lights, we offer a full range of vehicle lighting products to solve your problem and get you back on the road safely and stylishly. We have a huge selection for you to choose from and ship all over the globe. There's never a shipping fee for orders over $99, so check us out today..