LED car decoration lights: Some of the best lights on the market

Do you want to add some pizazz to your car or truck with stylish light-emitting diode (LED) lights? LED strips to come in individual lengths for custom jobs and complete kits for vehicle owners who want to boost the curb appeal of their rides. The beauty of LEDs is not just about aesthetics either. These gorgeous, relatively inexpensive accessories won't harm your battery because they use a tiny amount of electricity. Plus, they're simple to install and add a wonderful, atmospheric glow to your vehicle's interior.

Decorating options are limitless! LEDs can go virtually anywhere and have the versatility of offering both decorative and functional purposes. That's because many car owners not only use LED lights to make their vehicles look great, they do so to add a bit of reading light to the inside of the truck or car.

So, what's hot right now in the world of LED lights? Decorating trends change from year to year, but for 2020, some of the most in-demand LEDs include LED rock lights, puddle lights, welcome lights, and more. Here's a quick rundown of what's at the top of everyone's wish list right now:

What are the Best LEDs Currently on the Market?

Everyone has their own personal preference and individual taste when it comes to vehicle decor. However, the following five categories of LEDs are proving to be the fastest-moving products:

  • Welcome Lights These amazing kits are sometimes called under-door or "courtesy" lights because they mount underneath the front or back doors and let you clearly see where you're stepping as you get in to or out of a vehicle. Now gaining popularity all over the world, welcome lights are a super-easy addition for cars of all ages and sizes. Put them on just one or all of your doors and make your car or truck stand out from the crowd. People will be asking you where you got them.
  • LED Puddle Lights You can put puddle lights anywhere but most people choose to install them near the outer rear-view mirror. That way, you'll be able to see any road hazards before stepping out of the vehicle. Never plunge your foot into a puddle again when you have these durable, helpful little items to light your way. They install without drilling and are fully dustproof and waterproof.
  • LED Rock Lights Off-roaders have been in love with these LEDs for many years, but city drivers are just now discovering how cool these bright accessories look by fully illuminating the undercarriage. Rock lights add tons of style and come in color-changing varieties to boost your vehicle's "cool" coefficient.
  • LED Underglow Lights Underglow lights aren't just about a really cool appearance, even though they deliver it. They're also highly functional because they help drivers avoid rocks and various kinds of highway debris that can damage a vehicle's underside. Shop for waterproof options that come with extreme durability. These lights are work-horses but look fantastic while protecting your car or truck from damage.
  • LED Interior Light Kits Like their cousins, under glow lights, interior LED kits to deliver function and eye appeal. The designs and varieties are endless but you'll also be able to see the interior of your car much better. That means never having to feel around under seats and consoles when you misplace something.

Pro Tips to Remember When Buying Lights

When you set out to purchase LED decoration lights for your car, you'll want to have a few things at the top of your requirements list. Here's a quick cheat sheet you can use before shopping:

  • Installation: Try to accurately estimate how much lighting you'll need in terms of length. Then purchase slightly more to prevent running out during your project. Also, inspect the areas where you plan to place the lights to see whether you'll need extra adhesion or alternative ways to mount interior strips.
  • Weatherproof capability: LED interior light kits need to be weatherproof even though they're on the inside of your vehicle. And for lights that will go on the outside of your car or truck, check to make sure that they, too, are resistant to heat and cold. Car interiors experience temperature extremes in summer and winter, so don't make the mistake of purchasing lights that can't handle intense climatic conditions.
  • Electric supply: Decide how you'll be powering your accessories, like LED rock lights, LED underglow lights, LED puddle lights, welcome lights, and any other lighting kits or bulbs. One of the big advantages of LEDs is that they use very little power, so they don’t drain your battery. Besides, you can run the lights off an auxiliary electrical system if that's your preference.
  • Price: Like so many other technical products, "going cheap" can be a very costly choice. In other words, if you opt for the absolute cheapest LEDs you can find, chances are they'll end up letting you down in terms of longevity, quality, and service from the seller. Spending just a little more will get you better, quality lights that last a long time and deliver solid value for your dollar.

Get Your Vehicle "LED-Ready" for Summer Driving

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