How to Buy a Good Quality Brake Light Bulb?

How to Buy a Good Quality Brake Light Bulb?

Brake lights are an important component of your motor vehicles that make safe and organized driving possible. They light up when the driver apply pressure on the brakes and has a luminous red color. Brake lights are intended to warn other drivers while slowing down or stopping. It’s not legally permitted to take your car or truck on the road without brake lights that are in working condition. You can’t even claim insurance protection if the vehicle lacks proper brake lights.

Things to Consider Before Buying

However, ensuring good quality brake lights for your vehicles always is not an easy task. You must do regular checking to confirm if they are in good condition. If there is any problem, it must be rectified or replaced immediately with new brake light bulbs. Here are a few tips that will help you in buying good quality brake light bulbs from the store.

Use the information provided in the car manual

Every car or other moving vehicles will have a user’s manual to make its operations easy for the customers. It will have different sections to explain the working, maintenance, and specifications of each component. Reading this manual carefully will help you to buy the right kind of brake light bulb that corresponds to the socket. Thus, making yourself well informed will help you save a lot of time and money during the purchase.

Replace both the brake light bulbs at once

Among the two brake lights, rarely does both the bulbs burnout at the same time. However, it’s better to replace both brake light bulbs at once. Otherwise, the second one will fail to function soon as they have the same lifespan. This practice is also advisable to get lighting of best quality and equal intensity, because the light intensity of the brake lights usually decreases over time. Hence, by replacing them in pairs, you can ensure highest standards for your brake lights.

Check the life hours rating before purchase

The life span of brake light bulbs varies depending on its type, material used and various other factors. Although, every company boasts of a high life span for their brake lights, customers should check the product for its life hours rating and decide whether to buy it or not. The normal lifespan of the brake light bulbs used in motor vehicles is 250-650 hours. However, there are bulbs with a longer lifespan that can last around 1250-2000 hours.

It’s preferable to opt a trusted brand

There are many brands of brake light bulbs available in the market. Every brand may not be offering excellent quality products as per customer expectations. Hence, it’s necessary to choose a trusted brand that sells reliable brake lights for your vehicle. For this, you will need to do some research by browsing the internet or asking to experts on the best quality brake light bulbs that are trending now.

LED bulbs are better than other variants

The traditional options for brake light bulbs were xenon, halogen, and incandescent bulbs. Halogen was very much popular till recently as they allow the brake lights to be clearly visible during the day. Anyhow, LED bulbs have gained more popularity due to its high durability. LED bulbs are also easy to replace by yourself like normal light bulbs without professional support.

Best LED Brake Light bulbs to Buy

Here are some excellent quality brake light bulbs that you can consider while purchasing brake lights for your vehicle.

1157 Brake Light Bulb

With a simple plug and play installation, it takes only 10 minutes to install these brake lights. It has a nonpolar and CK compatible electrical design. There is an in-built cooling fan to ensure durability of the bulbs. This 1157 brake light bulbs also feature an outstanding 54 dual-color LED chip design. Unlike other LED bulbs, with resistors on both the amber and white filament, these bulbs have a CANBUS LED switchback design that only has one in-built resistor on the turn signal filament to avoid overheating.

3157 Brake Light Bulb

This can be used for both rear brake and turn signal lights. 3157 brake light bulb is easy to install with no complicated wiring or lengthy steps required. With a remarkable 1200 lumens, it can seamlessly alert drivers irrespective of the weather conditions. It includes an in-built cooling fan to prevent overheating, thereby extending its durability and performance. In order to prevent overheating, these LED bulbs has a built-in resistor only on the turn signal filament, instead of both filaments.

7443 Brake Light Bulb

This is an incredible choice for rear brake and turn signal with a five-star customer rating. It has an in-built, silent fan that prevents overheating. It is designed to switch on only when the turn signal is in use, thereby ensuring added efficiency. 7443 brake light bulb is devoid of any hyper-flashing and error codes, eliminating needless troubles. With 1200 lumens brightness, these LED bulbs provide superior safety for vehicles on road. It also features a striking 54 deep red colored LED chip that makes it a favorite of the customers.

Is it time to change your brake light bulbs?

The condition of your brake lights should be monitored regularly as they are an essential part of your vehicle that facilitates safe driving. If any issues are found, it should be replaced immediately with the best quality brake lights available. By observing the above points, you can find the perfect brake for your vehicle and install the same with ease. If you need more support in choosing or installing the right brake lights for your car or truck, leave us a message and we shall get back to you at the earliest.