Car Light Bulb Size - How to Find the Right Bulb Compatible with Your Car?

Car bulb replacement guide

When you go to the store to replace a broken bulb, most of the time you’re not left wondering what size you need. At most, you’re at the mercy of many product options concerning color or strength. Replacing a bulb in your car, however, requires thorough preparedness. There is nothing worse than either going to a store or ordering online something that isn’t just the wrong color, but won’t fit your car due to size.

Let’s take a closer look at car light bulb sizes and the best way to find the right bulb that will fit your car’s make and model. 

How Size of the Car Light Bulb Vary with Each Model?

Finding a replacement bulb is about more than just looking at your car, or even driving it to the nearest store. Each make and model of car has its own bulb size which needs to fit perfectly in order for the light to function the way it was designed. Of course, the sheer number of bulbs is even more vast than the number of different cars driving on the road, which makes the process intimidating.

There are a few hints into finding the correct size of bulb before you narrow down what type of bulb you think would be best for you.


Check the assembly where the bulb is located to determine what type of bulb you might need. Keep an eye out for any different coloring or advanced lighting since those are usually aftermarket assemblies. What this means is that you’re unable to rely solely on knowing the make and model of the car you need the bulb for, but rather the company that manufactured the lighting assembly. Whether you contact the company or find the manual, you’ll be able to locate the correct bulb.

Bulb Finder

If you’re sure you’re not looking at an aftermarket assembly, but rather the one that originally comes with the make and model of your car, you can use an online car bulb finder. An online bulb finder will help narrow down the size of bulb you’ll need to purchase as well as the types available. Headlights are not all created equal since there are options ranging from standard to LED to laser.

Owner Manual

The manual to your car, providing you do not have an aftermarket assembly, will tell you what types of bulb your vehicle’s make and model is designed with. It’s important to remember that the manual will only have the basic information provided by the company, rather than an overview of the bulbs available on the market. You are still left on your own when it comes to finding the right bulb.

Previous Bulbs

A previous bulb will also have the information you’re looking for, so long as it hasn’t gotten removed through use and time. Sometimes, even on regular household bulbs, the sizing and color information gets rubbed off, which makes using the bulb ultimately useless, but it is a good first step.

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