Why Are 3157 Switchback LED Bulbs Most Commonly Used?

For drivers looking to add an extra touch of panache to their vehicle, as well an array of energy-saving safety options, Switchback LED Bulbs are the perfect pick.

Termed “switchback” bulbs due to their dual filaments, this type of bulb can alternate between two different light colors—perfect for varying degrees of darkness, as well as inclement weather conditions. LED bulbs, or Light-emitting diodes, provide better illumination than traditional Halogen bulbs.

Switchback LED bulbs are typically seen on high-end luxury automobiles because of their unmatched brightness and innovative features. Are you considering upgrading your vehicle’s lighting package?

Read on for the top reasons why you should consider adding Switchback LED Bulbs to your vehicle’s aesthetic.

Why 3157 Switchback LED Bulbs?

The 3157 Switchback LED model in particular, boasts a variety of benefits for your vehicle—and for you.

  • Designed in the USA, the 3157 bulbs are a direct replacement for turn signal bulbs. The simple, plug and play installation makes for an easy, quick update.
  • The built-in resistor placed solely on the turn signal filament (as opposed to placement on both the amber and white color filaments) eliminates the risk for overheating, resulting in a longer-lasting, brighter bulb.
    • This overheating usually occurs with the resistor placement on both colored filaments.
    • No other resistors are necessary, adding to the convenience.
  • Enjoy 360-degree output for maximum brightness—a level that you won’t find with other brands. 1200 lumens per bulb deliver a brightness that’s hard to replicate.
  • Speaking of longevity, this model’s bulbs will go the extra mile for you with the addition of a built-in cooling fan that is only activated with the use of the turn signal.
  • Eliminates error codes and hyper-flash for an extra benefit.

Types of Switchback LED Bulbs

Although most Switchback LED Bulbs share commonalities, there are different options to choose from.

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