Are the 3157 and 7443 Brake Light Bulbs the Same?

Choosing the best brake lights for your vehicle isn’t just about style—it’s also about safety.

Keep yourself and your passengers as safe as possible every time you hit the road with the right brake lights and brake light bulbs on your car or truck.

In addition to upgrading your safety factor, refreshing your outdated bulbs is an easy way to update your style, as well.

If you’ve been debating between the 7443 and 3157 brake light bulbs for your ride, read on for some very helpful information brought to you by the most trusted name in auto lighting and accessories—Underground Lighting.

3157 and 7443 Brake Light Bulbs

Underground Lighting has a number of choices to select your new brake lights from, and you can rest assured that every item they offer is made with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

  • Both products provide excellent light output and offer long-lasting durability for your car or truck’s brake lights.
    • This is critical when you’re driving in dark or otherwise inclement weather conditions.
  • Let’s further explore what each brake light bulb model has to offer so that you can make the most informed decision for your vehicle.

Similarities and Differences between 3157 and 7443

Let’s start by reviewing what the 3157 and 7443 bulbs have in common.

  • Both deep red brake light bulbs are direct replacement bulbs for rear brake and turn signals, with built-in resistors to prevent hyper flashing and error codes.
  • They both offer full metal heat sinking for reliable operation, with a built-in silent fan to cool and prevent overheating worries.
  • These bulbs feature 1200 lumens per bulb, nonpolar and CK-compatible electrical design, as well as a simple “plug and play” installation process, so making the switch is hassle-free (approximately 10 minutes).
  • Both bulbs are made in the USA, and an impressive 54 deep red LED chip design.
  • LED bulbs make the perfect choice for replacing stock incandescent bulbs. They last much longer and are more durable, which saves you time and money in the long run.
  • The installation process is also made easier thanks to these bulbs’ innovative design, with no slicing or complicated wiring needed to instantly upgrade your car or truck’s lighting look from dull and outdated to a bright shine output that penetrates darkness effectively.
  • 360 degrees of brilliant light output maximizes shine and keeps you safe on the road.

Next, we will review the differences between the two bulb models.

Although these brilliant bulbs share many similarities, there are some key differences that you need to be aware of to make the most appropriate choice for your ride.

  • The main difference between the 3157 and 7443 models is the cross-compatibility.
    • This is very important information to have on-hand when making your selection.
    • Choosing the wrong brake light bulb replacement for upgrading your vehicle can cause damage and unnecessary stress during the installation process.
  • The 3157’s cross-compatibility models are: 3157, 3157A, 3057, 3057A, 3457, 3457A, 4057, 4157, and 4157A.
  • The 7443 bulbs cross-compatibility models are: 7443 and 7440.
  • The cross-compatibility of the two different bulb types will determine which one you choose for your current car or truck.

Which One is Right for You?

Now that we’ve run down the basics on both the 3157 and 7443 LED brake light bulbs from UGL, the next step is determining which model would be the most compatible with your vehicle.

  • As we mentioned above, choosing the correct version is crucial to ensuring a smooth, stress-free installation process.
  • The bulb you choose will be determined by the vehicle you drive.
  • If your car or truck has a handbook or user manual, you should be able to locate the brake light bulb information here.
  • You can also find out what type of brake light bulb you have or need by conducting an online search, as well as checking compatibility specs.
  • In addition, the auto lighting and accessory experts at UGL are always ready to chat with you whenever you need them, and they’ll be able to quickly guide you toward the right product purchase.

If you’re looking for the best brake light bulbs to outfit your car or truck, the trusted team of auto lighting professionals at Underground Lighting can direct you to the perfect pick.

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