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Canbus HID Ballast 35W (1 Piece) Hid Ballast Underground Lighting
Canbus HID Ballast 35W (1 Piece) Hid Ballast Underground Lighting
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Canbus HID Ballast 35W (1 Piece)

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HID Canbus Ballast – Description and Overview

These are Underground Euros CANBUS 35w HID ballasts. With true OEM-grade manufacturing, these ballasts are intended to perform for years, with absolutely zero failures.

If you have an HID kit with a failed ballast, you can purchase a pair of these and swap it out. The AMP connectors and 9006 size power input will fit standard HID kit wires. If you are looking for a ballast to replace an OEM HID setup, please view our D1 or D3 style ballasts.

Most ballasts these days run with digital signal processing (DSP). This allows for much smoother and more reliable power output, faster warmup, and longer bulb life. However, most digital ballasts still use standardized computing chips to process the information. It is very cost-efficient to use standard chips off the shelf. Instead, the Underground euros ballast uses a computing chip designed specifically for the purpose of running an HID bulb. This is known as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). While this is much more expensive than a generic chip, it allows the ballast to operate with extremely high efficiency and performance, far exceeding that of any generic ballast on the market.

The ballast is fully sealed in electrically-safe sealant material, known in the industry as potting. It's not just coated like cheaper ballasts, instead, it is filled to the brim, making the ballast completely waterproof and shockproof. The ballast will make a humming noise during operation- most assume this is bad, but actually, it is primarily a result of microscopic air pockets resonating inside, audible proof that the ballast is completely airtight.

With the OEM-grade 23kV igniter, which is also fully waterproof, this ballast will strike the bulb perfectly, every single time. It will function in even the coldest of environments, with a rated minimum operating temperature of -40 degrees.

This ballast has a CANBUS module, which is designed to provide extra resistance to the vehicle. This is required for operation in many newer vehicles, as they may otherwise shut off power to your headlights, due to the lower power consumption.

The CANBUS module also regulates the power input, to prevent errors with PWM signals. What is that? Well, many newer vehicles use pulse-width-modulation (PWM) to drive headlights, which basically flickers standard halogen bulbs on and off very quickly, to extend bulb life and lower power consumption. It works great for traditional filament bulbs, but HIDs require constant power to run reliably. The CANBUS module smooths the input signal into a constant power supply to the ballast. It has been tested and is effective with PWM signals up to 100hZ, which is within range of PWM systems in most US-market vehicles, such as Dodge, VW, BMW, etc.

What Makes Underground Euros ballast better:

Underground Euros Canbus HID Ballast is designed to be a true 35W output. Where other competitors advertise 35W and are truly around 26W.  It is Error and Flicker-free for 99% of the vehicles on the market. This ballast does not need a replay or add-on adaptors to work with canbus systems. Our Ballast comes with a 1-year warranty and tends to last 3-5 years.

We recommend using high-quality aftermarket bulbs with this ballast. However, if you have any random, cheap bulb that is in working condition, this ballast will drive it perfectly.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Underground Lighting CANBUS HID Ballast with AMP (standard) connectors


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This products come with a 1 year warranty.
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