9007 35W Hi/Low Canbus HID Kit With Halogen High (2 Pieces) Hids Canbus Underground Lighting
9007 35W Hi/Low Canbus HID Kit With Halogen High (2 Pieces) Hids Canbus Underground Lighting
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9007 35W Hi/Low Canbus HID Kit With Halogen High (2 Pieces)

  • 3X Brighter than stock
  • Plug & Play Easy Installation
  • High End Canbus Ballast
  • Error and Flicker Free
  • Designed in the USA
  • 2 Year Warranty
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Get rid of the dull yellow Halogen light with Our Underground Euros 9007 High End 35W Hi/Low Canbus HID Kit With Halogen High!

This simple modification will make your Car stand out from the crowd. Just by changing out the halogen light bulbs inside your headlights, replacing them with our plug and play HID kit replacements for a cool pure white, whitish blue, blue, or Yellow. This Modification will also increase your visibility. With this kit your visibility will be 3 times brighter.

What makes our kit better than the rest? 

Our kit is a true 35W kit ( where other brands state 35W but are really about 26w) designed to work with the computers in the car. The canbus function is high end with a very fast read and response time to communicate with the car correctly, insuring there will be no error code or flickering. Our kit does not use relays or add-ons, it is truly plug and play.

9007 35W Hi/Low Canbus HID Kit With Halogen High (2 Pieces)

Why we don't offer 55W kits and why you should not use them.
55w is not much brighter then our true 35W kit. A 55w kit is really pushing about 44-46 watts. So compared to our true 35W its not much brighter instead it runs a lot more hotter. Which puts stress on the wiring harness and can cause melting and lots of damage.

Not only is Underground Euros more cost effective than the rest, but it is actually BRIGHTER, too!

Underground Euros 9007 Upgrade Kit for All 9007 Application Cars:

  • Error Free!
  • NEW!!! Indestructible Aluminum Bases dissipate heat faster
    NEW!!! Exclusive design; they copy, we continue to innovate. 
  •  Blue, Yellow, and White Versions Available
  • High Output True 35W HIDs
  • The best color and light output on the market - tested and verified
  • High quality materials, precision machined for flawless fitment
  • Innovative designs allowing maximization of light output for each application
  • Canbus is Usually Used for All European cars from 2006+ and most to all Newer cars from 2007-2008+

2 Year Warranty [tabs][tab title="Warranty"] This products come with a 2 year warranty. [/tab][/tabs]


This products come with a 2 year warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions on 9007 HID Bulbs/Kits

Are you considering upgrading your vehicle's headlights to 9007 HID bulbs? 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand more about this lighting option.

Q1: What is a 9007 HID bulb/kit?

A 9007 HID bulb/kit is a type of automotive lighting system that uses High-Intensity Discharge (HID) technology to provide bright and efficient illumination for your vehicle's headlights. It's a popular choice for those looking to enhance their vehicle's lighting performance.

Q2: Are 9007 HID bulbs/kits compatible with my vehicle?

Most 9007 HID bulbs/kits are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, but it's essential to check your vehicle's specific requirements before purchasing. You can often find compatibility information on the product page or consult your vehicle's manual.

Q3: Can I install 9007 HID bulbs/kits myself?

The installation of 9007 HID bulbs/kits can vary in complexity depending on your vehicle's make and model. Some installations may be straightforward, while others may require professional assistance. It's recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully or seek professional help if you're unsure.

Q4: What color temperature options are available for 9007 HID bulbs?

9007 HID bulbs come in various color temperature options, typically ranging from 3000K (yellow) to 8000K (blue). The choice of color temperature is a matter of personal preference and intended use. Lower temperatures provide a warmer, more yellowish light, while higher temperatures produce a cooler, bluish light.

   To find more questions and answers, please visit our FAQ Page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Ja Jennings

H11 HID Canbus Kit, 35W Error and Flicker Free (PAIR)

Matthew Cox
Great product

Product was easy to install. Customer service was was 5 stars. They kept in constant communication with me through the process. I recommend this company for your vehicle lighting projects.

Night and day difference.

Easy installation. Very bright. Quality made. I dont know why the Jeep Srt 8 didn't come with this from the factory. I can use these as headlights, they are that bright. Thanks! Fast shipping.

Eddie Martinez
Brighter head lights

Had some trouble installing, Next time I will ask for clearer instructions. Was getting frustrated and wanted to return the lights. Called Danny at shop contact number, left voice-mail. To my surprise he returned call within a couple of minutes and gave my mechanic installation details. Customer service is awesome! Look forward to using my lights tonight. Thank you Danny at underground lighting. Highly recommend.

2018 Honda Fit

Second purchase from Underground Lighting. Website, service, and shipping speed - Excellent. Fit and finish on the first HID kit (2020 Newmar Ventana Motorhome) - Excellent.
This kit is just okay. Size and color are good. The fitment of the bulbs is subpar. I understand these are not factory replacements but the way the wiring and seal is designed a non-water/moisture tight fitment is created. With depinning and reinstalling wires, allowing the aftermarket seal to depress against the factory seal a much better fitment is made.