ClickCease 9005 Canbus LED Headlight Bulbs, 60W 10000LM DRL Kit (pair)

9005 60W 10000LM Canbus LED Headlight Kit (PAIR)

Underground Lighting
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9005 Canbus LED Headlights – Product Overview and Description

Are you sick of relying on dull, yellow Halogen lights that barely light up the road and give your vehicle an outdated and cheap look? If so, you’ll love this innovative, plug-and-play, full Canbus, error and flicker-free LED Upgrade Kit!

Whereas most LED upgrade bulb options are bulky, hard to install, unreliable, and disappointingly dull, you won’t experience that with Underground Lighting. Our 9005 HB3 LED kit was designed to offer the best light pattern and projection for projector-style headlights. Does that mean this LED will only work for projector housing? No! This LED will work just as well in a reflector housing. We designed the LED chips to be in the perfect position to minimize glare to on-coming traffic and focus all the light where you need it… on the road! This kit is easy to install, reliable, and backed by our 2 Year Warranty.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a brighter, more efficient LED bulb on the market! Designed here in the USA, these bulbs feature an impressive 12 LED chip design. They are 60 watts, pure white, and offer the highest LED output of their kind. Using ray tracing technology to minimize glares, they produce a functional pattern of light by precisely focusing each ray and enhancing the hotspot for clearer, farther-reaching illumination.


With superior heat dissipation abilities that help maximize their lifespan, these bulbs are designed with longevity in mind! This means that, unlike cheap competitors that burn out fast, you can count on these bulbs to last many miles. Plus, because they’re crafted from premium silicone aluminum materials and are 100% corrosion resistant, they’re sure to withstand normal wear and tear as well as the elements.


Utilizing a unique copper pipe, all-in-one housing design, and dual ball fan, these bulbs are specially designed to regulate their temperatures to prevent and reduce overheating at all times. But what if they overheat? The built-in temperature sensor will immediately lower the output power, restoring full brightness once the temperatures have safely stabilized.


Installing your bulbs couldn’t be easier! This kit is designed to be conveniently compact, eliminating the need for any cutting, and fits comfortably inside virtually all headlight housings. Their easy-to-use plug-and-play design, 360 degrees rotating collar, and petite in-line driver, meaning you’ll be able to effortlessly upgrade your headlights.


  • Brilliantly bright 6000k white light beautifully illuminates the road
  • Street-legal 60W LEDs & 10k Lumens offer industry-leading brightness
  • Crafted from premium, all-in-one housing silicone aluminum materials
  • A sophisticated built-in CANBUS integration circuit ensures proper operation
  • A fully adjustable socket base offers 360 degrees of superior light
  • DRL compatible – reduces output by 25% & restores to full power once DRL is off
  • Easy and fast installation process – plug-and-play design
  • Built-in temperature sensor protects against overheating
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and 100% corrosion-resistant design
  • NEW!!! Exclusive design; they copy, and we continue to innovate. 
  • Made in Japan
  • Unmatched 2-Year Warranty
Please Note: While these bulbs are as compact as possible and comfortably fit most headlight housing, they are slightly larger than a standard halogen bulb, so be sure to double-check check your washer pump and/or battery aren’t taking up needed space.



This product comes with a 2-year warranty. 





Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Allen Ange
What a difference!

I purchased new LED lights low beams..tail lights .. front blinkers …for a 2021 Colorado …the installation of the taillights and front blinkers took 5 to 10 minutes each… the low beans took a little longer … mostly due to the fact that there in not much room to work … the hardest part putting the dust covers back on … this took 20 to 30 minutes each .. but after some plain and fancy shall we say “colorful language “they did go on … the taillight are much brighter…the front blinker light are switch back ..compared to the stock …they are great ..I do like the switch back effect…to me the important ones are the headlights…” what a difference “ day and night I am impressed..and as advertised they have no problem working with the daytime running light function…I have installed LED lights in other vehicles witch you had to add capacitors and resistors so this was really good..plug and play…also want to give a shout out to customer service… very fast on the chat… and answer my calls.. right away… none of that press 1 press 2 .. nonsense. Just people to talk to you. Would recommend… highly.

Michael Cooper
High Quality LED upgrade for 2007 WK Jeep

Overall very pleased with the fit and performance of these LED 'bulbs'. No hassle installation in a WK - plenty of room. The beam patterns are very good - 25ft from a flat wall. I set the beam height and tweaked the rotation of the bulb in the housing to get a flat beam cutoff. Much brighter than the OEM halogen bulbs. and I do not get flashed by other drivers, though I do flash other driver at times that have the super bright OEM LED kits. and to mention, these did require load resistors to avoid problem of the headlights not turning off right away. Without the load resistors, when I turn the lights off, they would stay on for almost a minute in a low power flickering state, then they would cut off. It annoyed me, so picked up resistors cheap and it fixed it. No flickering and the lights turn off immediately. The resistors do get very hot so don't mount in contact with wires or plastic. I also purchased the 9005 40W high beams which work well (they also need resistors).

Great lights

Very bright, much cleaner than my last set, I like that it was plug and play, and with me having canbus the lights working with no flickering.

Jaquob Proctor
Dodge high beams

These things are so bright. The lighting in very crisp and clean. All the products they sell are very good. Will always buy form them.


Perfect fit and very happy

Luke Mafman-johnson
Very good, bright lights, easy install. Not as bright as I expected, tho. And lifespan TBD

Lights shipped quickly, were very well packaged, manufacturing appears excellent. My mechanic installed them easily and quickly in my 2013 Prius V, and they are definitely brighter than my previous OEM bulbs. However, at 60w and 10,000LM, I expected these to be even brighter. Perhaps I didn't have realistic expectations. Or perhaps the lumen scale is not linear, and 10,000LM is not as much brighter as I expected? My mechanic said these kinds of high-intensity bulbs don't tend to have the same lifespan as OEM, and that some of his customers find they need replacing after just a couple months. We'll see ... but so far they have been great (if not quite mind-blowing).

Led can only be so bright in a projector housing.

Joseph Lauricella PO81
Works great

These led's are bright and easy to install.
Danny, was a big help and efficient.

Troy Becker

Great lights. They are bright and work as expected. Danny is awesome 👌

Troy Becker
LED 9006

Lights are great and are bright as what item says.

H K Mohn
Nice lights, terrible to install

Installed the low beam and fog lights in a 2021 Ram 1500. Fog lights were an easy install. Wish I could say the same for the low beams. Previously I had upgraded headlights in a 2017 Ram 1500 that required removing the headlight assembly, which was easily accomplished. With the 2021, even with following the instructions from several videos, access to the bulbs was extremely difficult. You are required to force your hand through a 2” gap between the headlight housing and other body parts. The bulb base for the leds is a tight squeeze to get into the housing, then it’s time to play contortionist to align and secure. Expect multiple scraps and bruises on your hands.

Fortunately, access to the high beams is much easier.

This issue is due to Ram’s design, not the bulb manufacturer.

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