Third Brake Light: The Quintessential Safety Feature in your Vehicle

Cars are a part and parcel of American life. To protect life and cut down the number of accidents, auto manufacturers have introduced several safety features in cars. Lane departure warning sensors, collision warning system, rear-view cameras and other features in a car make it safe to drive on the road. But, with addition of high-tech technology, you cannot discard the importance of third brake lights. An addition to the traditional left and right brake lights, the third brake light is no third wheel. It is an important element in keeping the drivers alert. 

The Importance of Third Brake Lights

Third Brake Light: The Quintessential Safety Feature In Your Vehicle

Since 1986, America has made it compulsory for cars to have a central brake lamp or third brake light located higher than the left and right brake lights. According to a study, a distracted car driver is more likely to slow down the car, if a third brake light in installed in the vehicle in front of him. Also, called safety brake lamp or high-level brake lamp, the third brake light helps fellow drivers in knowing when you hit the brakes. It is useful when their view of the left and right brake lights is interrupted by other vehicles.

 Its existence becomes useful for one more reason. Turn signals are allowed to emit red light in our country. And, it can definitely create a confusion in the minds of other drivers. But, having a third brake light clearly helps them identify the position of the car in front of them, especially when night-time driving is involved.

 The position of the third brake light varies according to different cars. Usually, you can find it installed inside the back glass of the vehicle. It can be located in the car’s deck lid. For a few trucks, the third brake light may be located on the spare wheel carrier.

Has the Third Brake Light stopped Working?

When the third brake light of your car doesn’t work, it can increase your chances of being part of a rear-end accident. The light can stop working for multiple reasons. The bulb may burn out due to usage. Often times, the wiring and the connector may be damaged and you will have to replace them as well. While changing the third brake light, make sure that you read the description in details. If the lights do not pass the norms of the government, it can create problem in the future.

Why Choose LED Bulbs for Third Brake Light?

If the third brake lights do not work, it can present you with an opportunity of upgrading it to LED lights. You won’t need more than a couple of minutes to upgrade the brake light. You simply need to locate the third brake light housing and open it with a screwdriver. Remove the old bulb from the socket; adjust the wiring and re-attach the housing.

Smaller in size, LED bulbs consume less power and require less maintenance. They even light up faster which is ideal for a third brake light because it will notify other drivers of your action immediately.

  • More Durable 

You may want to stick to the traditional halogen bulbs but remember that LED third brake lights will be more durable. An LED bulb lasts at least three times longer than halogen bulbs. 

  • Brighter than Other Options

Do you believe that LED headlights are useful but LED third brake lights may be taking things a bit too far? Well, LEDs are brighter than other options available in the market. It means other vehicles will be able to see your car more clearly as and when you hit the brakes.

  • Affordable

Nowadays, LED third brake lights can be obtained for $50 or less. They are not as expensive as they used to be in the past. Plus, as they are long-lasting, the operating cost of owning LED brake lights is low. 

What is the Best Place to shop for Third Brake Lights?

When you are dealing with automotive lighting, make sure that you choose a seller who offers you street-legal lighting kits. You certainly do not want to spend money on something that is not approved by the Department of Transportation. Also, be wary of fake lighting products that do not guarantee good quality. There are many online car lighting stores who sell affordable third brake lights of varying sizes and shapes. You can even consider customized options as they will definitely add flair to your vehicles.

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