Upgrading Stock Headlights to HID Headlights: A Complete Guide

Smart, safe driving requires focus and concentration. Keep your focus on the road ahead, instead of worrying about dull or dimmed headlights.

Factory-grade, stock headlights simply don’t stack up when compared with the newer, better, brighter HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlight bulbs.

Over time, stock headlights grow dimmer and weaker, often producing a “yellowed-out,” dimmer light projection than they once did.

HID headlights (also commonly referred to as Xenon gas lights) offer a quick and easy upgrade to your car or truck’s lighting look.

This is an upgrade that not only looks better, but keeps you safer during your travels, no matter the distance.

How to Upgrade Stock Headlights to HID Headlights?

Interested in enhancing your vehicle’s lighting look and performance by switching out your older, outdated stock headlights for an updated version?

Here’s how you can get the job done in no time:

  • Before you buy it, you’ll want to make sure you choose a compatible HID headlight model.
  • Underground Lighting has a convenient, user-friendly search feature where you can enter your vehicle’s make, model, and year to instantly find compatible HID headlight bulbs.
  • UGL’s HID headlight bulbs feature “plug and play” installation, meaning the switch can be made in approximately 30 minutes or less.
  • Plug and play installation also ensures that no complicated wiring or slicing will be involved in your upgrade process.
  • If your car is an older model, UGL offers a variety of HID conversion kits that speed up the process even more.
  • UGL is your one-stop source for cars and truck lighting and accessory needs.
  • The auto lighting pros at UGL have an array of great choices for both HID and LED headlights.

Any questions or concerns? Let them help guide you to the best choice for your ride.

Benefits of HID Headlights

There are many reasons HID headlights are well worth the investment. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy when you make the switch:

  • Best in brightness—HID headlights produce more light output than stock halogen bulbs without consuming as much energy.
  • A brighter light that uses less energy? Sounds like a win-win situation!
  • Brighter light output equals increased visibility on the road. When you’re driving at nighttime or in otherwise darkened road conditions (such as during inclement weather).
  • Since HID lights shine so brightly, they come in an array of color choices—not just white.
  • The typical HID headlight bulb burns 5,000-10,000 hours.
  • Get more bang for your buck with HID bulbs because they last longer and are more energy efficient.
  • This means that you’ll save fuel when you make the switch to HID as well—and with the current sky-high gas prices, every little bit helps!
  • Yet another benefit of upgrading your car or truck’s lighting look from halogen to HID headlights is that HID models are more durable than their predecessors.
  • Halogen bulbs contain filaments, making them more fragile.
  • Conversely, HID bulbs do not contain filaments, so they’re less prone to breakage. They’re tough and heavy-duty.
  • Last but not least, HID headlight bulbs increase your vehicle’s resale value.
  • If you decide to sell or trade-in your car or truck, you’ll be able to make more money on the deal if your vehicle has been outfitted with Xenon gas bulbs—because this is what most drivers prefer when car shopping.
  • Cars or trucks that still have Halogen bulbs will be less appealing and are considered less valuable monetarily.
  • Any way you slice it, HID headlight bulbs are more than worth the initial investment.
  • The benefits of the better, brighter, longer lasting, and more energy efficient upgrade pays off instantly.

HID Headlights vs. LED Headlights

HID headlights are not the only option for making a major modern auto lighting upgrade. LED bulbs (Light-Emitting Diode) are also a popular choice.

Not sure how they compare? Read on for the need-to-know nuts and bolts between the two.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights, also known as Xenon gas lights, are like a neon sign in brightness.

  • They function by a combination of an electrical charge and Xenon gas
  • They produce a very bright light and are long-lasting.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) headlights are also very long-lasting and emit a bright shine.

  • LED headlight bulbs function by heating a filament (which Xenon bulbs do not have) and streaming halogen gas over the heated charge.
  • The result is a brilliant, bright light that penetrates the darkness with pure precision.

Overall, HID headlights produce a brighter light, and LED lights are longer lasting.

Don’t settle for less than the very best! Reach out to the auto lighting professionals at Underground Lighting today!