Things To Consider Before Buying HID Replacement Bulbs

In a way, HID bulbs are a remarkable phenomenon. Since the technology was perfected more than 300 years ago, they have remained a valuable asset in many fields. Streetlights, security lamps, stadium lights, and car lamps use HID bulbs to shed massive light on events after dark.

HID bulbs add a new look to places and can release more visible light per watt, and tend to have incredible longevity. However, replacing them usually requires a little consideration as all HID replacement bulbs do not have the same capacity.

This article will reveal some tips for buying suitable replacement bulbs while reviewing some of the best bulbs on the market.

How Do HID Bulbs Work?

HID bulbs mean High-Intensity Discharge Bulbs and lamps. They are a group of bulbs that produce light using gas and electricity. The bulbs have three components: conductors called electrodes and a mixture of metal salts and ionizable gases. These ionizable gases are gases that can be charged by electricity).

Electricity must be passed through two electrodes to ionize the gas to form an electric arch between the metal salts. The electric arc heats the metal salts to form a plasma. As the gases pass through the plasma, they become charged and emit light. The plasma in the electric arc increases the light emitted by the ionized gases.

Essential Tips For Buying An HID Replacement Bulb

HID Bulbs are powerful and add a new dimension to how you view things. However, you shouldn't just say yes to any vendor when replacing them. Here are some tips that can help you make the best purchases: 

Study The Equipment

Various devices, such as street lights, cars, and stadium lights, all use HID bulbs. Each piece of equipment does not use the same type of bulbs. Many buyers purchase bulbs indiscriminately without considering where they will fix these bulbs. Naturally, this leads to all sorts of problems.

Take Note of Color Codes

Color codes are very crucial when buying HID bulbs for cars. Most HID bulbs come with color coding measured in Color temperature or Kelvin-rating (K). Color temperature ranges from 1000- 10000K, and each color has a specific K rating. For example, yellow has a rating of 3000K, pure white has a rating of 5000K, and dark blue has a rating of 1000K. Refusing to pay attention could lead to purchasing the wrong color.

Get the Right Ballast

HID bulbs often require a ballast to power them. If you are changing your lighting, you have to consider if you will require a ballast or not. If you replace the HID bulbs with another, you may not need to buy new ballasts. You only have to ensure that the ballast you buy is the right fit for the HID bulb.

However, if your equipment uses a halogen lamp, you will need to buy a full HID conversion kit with ballasts that can power the HID bulbs. To ensure that the bulbs work correctly, endeavor that all components have the same wattage.

Best HID Replacement Bulbs to Pick

You must purchase the best HID bulbs from the right source. Ground lighting has some of the best HID Replacement Bulbs available. Here are some of them:

D2S HID Headlights Bulbs

The D2S HID Headlights Bulbs are a pair of xenon-filled bulbs that give perfect white illumination, unlike other market products of the same range. They are perfect for car headlights and shine 30% more than their halogen OEM counterparts.

With the D2S, you get a 35W bulb with 3300 LM per bulb. They are AC-powered and have been proven to shine two times brighter than OEM. Another advantage of the D2S headlights is that fixing time is short and straightforward. A good technician can fix the bulb in under 30 minutes without additional slicing and complicated wiring. You can get the D2S HID Headlights on underground lighting.

D3S Xenon HID Headlight Bulbs Set

The D3S comes in a pair, and this makes it economical. Like the D2S, it is filled with Xenon gas and shines brighter than halogen lamps. They are suitable for the headlamps of many vehicle brands ranging from Chrysler to Ford.

The D3S Xenon headlight bulbs have a Kelvin rating of 5000K, meaning they can shine pure white light, making them better for night usage. D3S used in a car's headlamps can make driving safer at night as it shines better. These magnificent bulbs are also available in underground lighting.

H1 HID Replacement Bulbs-3700 Lumens

Unlike the DS series mentioned above, the H1 HID bulbs come with heavy-duty wiring and connectors. Its advantage, however, is that it can be used with any HID kit and are capable of making your car stand out in a crowd. They also work with 35W and 55W ballasts.

When you purchase the H1 HID bulbs from Underground Lighting, you get many offers, such as thick OEM-style gaskets to reduce condensation and a one-year warranty.

H11 HID Replacements Bulbs

The H11 is a powerful AC-powered HID bulb precisely engineered with high-quality materials and innovative designs to maximize light output. Like the H1, the bulbs have been tested and verified as having the market's best light and color output.

H11 HID bulbs are available at Ground Lighting and come with several peaks, such as an offer for thick OEM style gaskets and a one-year warranty. They also come in different colors and have a high output HID.


HID bulbs are brighter and more durable than other bulbs like halogen bulbs. They work through a combination of ionizing gases and electric arcs.

When buying HID bulbs, ensure that you study the equipment (like the car) you are using it for, the right ballast and HID conversion kits and the color codes. Underground lighting has the best HID bulbs on the market, and their bulbs are tested and verified as superior in light and color output.