Switchback LED Bulb

In the past, halogen headlights were the lightbulb of choice for any car, no matter the make or the model. As the years went by, technology progressed, and costs went down, making the most commonly used lightbulb the LED bulb. It's easy and affordable to upgrade your headlights to the more efficient LED headlight bulbs.

Not every bulb is made equal; however, with the 3157 Switchback with Built-in Resistors, Dual Color LED DRL Turn Signal Light Bulbs, you do not need to sacrifice quality in exchange for affordability. With an easy installation process, they can be your go-to bulb to upgrade your vehicle.

What Are They?

LED stands for Light-emitting Diodes, which is seen on some high-end vehicles and even inside the home. One of the biggest advantages of LED bulbs is that they shine brighter than the regular incandescent bulb everyone has been used to using. This brightness will give you the best visibility at any time of the day or night.

These switchback LEDs have taken the regular LED to another level through the use of a dual filament, which allows you to switch between two light colors or shades. For instance, they will allow you to switch from a low-intensity parking light to a high-intensity light.

Best in Performance

The ultra-bright 24-watt 3157 Switchback with Built-in Resistors Dual Color LED DRL Turn Signal Light Bulbs colored in white and amber to cover 360 degrees in order to provide the best visibility. These innovative lightbulbs place a switchback with a built-in resistor to prevent potential overheating and melting to the housing, which happens with bulbs with a resistor on both the white and amber filaments.

The 3157 Switchback with Built-in Resistors Dual Color LED DRL Turn Signal Light Bulbs go a step further by providing a cooling fan. This fan only turns on when your turn signal is on as a way to help reduce the heat from the resistors. It's designed to fully replace an incandescent bulb without the need for purchasing external parts such as additional resistors.

Best Brightness

Each of these bulbs comes standard with 54 LEDs, with 18 of them in white and 36 in the amber color. For parking and daytime running lights, or DRL, you can light up 6000K pure white, which means your turn signals will blink brighter than the stocked incandescent bulb with the 3500K amber-colored lights. With these LEDs' 360 degrees visibility, you won't find a brighter bulb on the market.

Good Way to Upgrade

The 3157 Switchback LED Bulb gives you a whole new way to upgrade the look of your vehicle. Allowing you to switchback from the white to amber, you will have 360-degree visibility, which will give you the ability to switchback from white to amber as you use your turn signal. LEDs that last at an affordable price, the 3157 Switchback has an installation of around 10 minutes and is something you can do on your own without an expert needed.