LED VS HID: Frequently Asked Questions

Dull, outdated stock light bulbs on cars and trucks aren’t just unsightly—they can be dangerous! With an array of newer, brighter bulb types on the market, including LED and HID products, there’s simply no reason to drive around with less-than-safe bulbs on your vehicle.

From time to time, everyone experiences driving in dark or inclement weather, and these conditions present a real risk to you—as well as any passengers you may have along for the ride.

Wondering what all the buzz surrounding LED and HID bulbs is about? We’re here to help! The car and truck lighting professionals at Underground Lighting have rounded up everything you need to know about this innovative auto lighting technology so you can make the best choice for your car or truck’s lighting upgrade.

LED vs HID – All Questions Answered

You’ve mostly likely heard the terms LED and HID thrown around constantly as it relates to the auto world—but do you know what they really mean? Read on for answers to your most burning questions about the two lighting options.

What are LED bulbs?

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs shine brighter and more brilliantly than the stock halogen headlight bulbs that come with many older model vehicles.
  • In addition to cutting through the darkness with pure, white light that easily outshines halogen bulbs that tend to dull and dim over time, LED bulbs last much longer.
  • In fact, LED headlight bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours—which is approximately 25 times longer than the typical halogen bulb.
  • LED bulbs’ brightness and long-lasting power alone make them a very appealing choice to add to your automobile, not to mention the fact that they’ll save you time and money in the long run. By replacing them less often, you’ll have to purchase them less often.

What are HID bulbs?

  • HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights, also known as Xenon gas bulbs, provide an enviable shine that illuminates the road with a pure white light.
  • The intensity of HID headlights makes them incredibly effective at penetrating the darkness while you’re on the road.
  • HID turn signal and brake light bulbs also offer an intense, brilliant light output.
  • An HID headlight is comprised of an HID light bulb that is encased in a protective glass enclosure.
  • Research has shown that high-quality, durable HID headlights can last up to 10,000-15,000 hours of use before needing to be replaced.

What is the difference between the two?

Although both bulb types produce a drastically brighter and longer-lasting shine than their Halogen predecessor, there are some key differences between LED and HID bulbs.

  • HID bulbs burn more brightly, but LED bulbs are longer-lasting.
  • LED bulbs are more energy efficient. By using less of your car or truck’s energy every time they’re used, as well as needing be replaced less often, LED bulbs end up saving you more time and money than HID bulbs.
  • LED bulbs are better suited for use with reflector-style headlights, while HID bulbs are better suited for use with projector-style headlights.
  • Determine which type of headlights your current car or truck has as part of your decision-making process when you’re ready to upgrade your vehicles auto lighting look.

Other Bulbs than LED and HID

While you may mostly hear about LED and HID bulbs as the two most popular options for car and truck bulbs, there are other options.

  • The majority of cars and trucks have been made with Halogen bulbs since the mid-1960s.
  • Halogen bulbs have long been used due to their low cost, easy replacement availability, and long lifespan.
  • However, the introduction of Halogen bulbs’ more modern counterparts—HID and LED bulbs—make them seem dull in comparison—literally!
  • HID and LED bulbs burn much brighter and last significantly longer than Halogen bulbs.
  • The newer HID and LED picks also offer an upscale, aftermarket look that many drivers feel isn’t attainable with Halogen bulbs.

When you’re ready to make a change with your car or truck’s bulbs, you need to assess what type of bulb will work best/be most compatible with your vehicle, as well as what results are most important to you—style, performance, cost-effectiveness, or all of the above?

Luckily, UGL’s well-informed customer service representatives can assist you in choosing the best product for your ride.

Are you ready to make the switch to better, brighter LED or HID bulbs? Let the best in the business help you! Underground Lighting’s auto lighting and accessories experts are only a call, live chat, or email and instantly connect with the skilled, knowledgeable team at Underground Lighting today.