Five Best HID Conversion Kits Available In The Market

One of your car's most important aspects will be the headlight you use. Headlights are crucial for safety, especially if you drive at night. Some drivers prefer HID headlights because they give off a better glow than traditional halogen lighting and add a luxurious look to their cars.

You will need an HID conversion kit to replace your halogen lamps with HID lighting; however, getting the best conversion kits could be challenging. Fortunately, underground lighting offers some of the best HID conversion kits available in the market. This article shows the five best HID conversion kits in the market.

H1 HID 35W Canbus Double Kits

HID bulbs often come in varying lighting ranges, and you can pick your preferred voltage based on your specific needs. The H1 HID 35W Canbus is one of the best 35W HID bulbs on the market.

H1 HID Canbus comes with an error-free plug-and-play upgrade designed to work with the computer in your car and give you three times as much visibility as your regular halogen lamps. The conversion kit also comes with other pecks such as a warranty, a fast read and response time, and choosing between fantastic colors.

H11 HID Canbus Kit, 35W

Another HID conversion kit that makes a huge impact is the H11 HID 35W Canbus Kit. Like the H1 Canbus, it also comes with an error and flicker-free plug-and-play upgrade that is compatible with your car's computer system. This feature means that replacing lighting is more stress-free and has no chance of displaying an error code.

The conversion kit also comes with a warranty, will give you three times as much brightness, and will cause your car to stand out from other vehicles. Unlike the false claims of many lighting companies, the H11 HID Canbus Kit comes with true plug-and-play, not relays and add-ons that increase the chances of error codes and flickering.

9005 Canbus HID Kit, PNP 35W

Many HID conversion kits that advertise a 35W kit are merely pushing 26W, which gives off poor lighting and increases the risk of disaster when driving under poor lighting conditions. The 9005 Canbus Kit offers authentic 35W kits that do not just trump the competition but also give some 55W kits a run for their money.

This remarkable conversion kit comes with a true plug-and-play that eliminates the chances of error codes and flickers. They have a quick read and response time to communicate with your car and are designed to be compatible with most car systems.

Because the 9005 Canbus is such a high-end device and only uses a genuine 35W kit, it can give you three times as much visibility without generating as much heat as other 55W kits of other lighting companies that barely shine brighter. One reason for this is its Indestructible Aluminum bases which dissipate heat faster than most conversion kits.

9006 Canbus HID Kit

The 9006 Canbus HID Kit is an upgrade to the 9005 Kit. It has most of the features that make the 9005 incredible; it possesses true plugged and play that eliminates the chances of error codes and flickers and gives three times as much visibility as most conversion kits.

In addition, the 9006 Canbus HID Kit also comes equipped with high-end quality materials precisely designed to fit your vehicle. It also has innovative designs that increase light output and a two-year warranty. The heat dissipation ability of this conversion kit has the knock-on effect of increasing the longevity of the car's wiring harness.

H7 HID 35W Canbus Kit

The H7 35W Canbus Kit is a powerful HID conversion kit with a plug-and-play system that is error and flicker-free and high-end design with a fast response time to communicate with the car system properly.

Unlike other 35W kits that do not give out the promised brightness, the H7 HID Canbus Kit gives off genuine 35W three times brighter than halogen lamps and dissipates heat quite readily. It comes in three brilliant colors and has a two-year warranty.

Things to Consider Before Buying an HID Conversion Kit

There are many benefits to replacing your typical halogen lamp with cool and even brighter HID bulbs, but you have to take some precautions to get the best possible deals.

Choose the Right Size for Your Vehicle

Nothing can be more frustrating than buying a conversion kit that doesn't fit your car model. One way to prevent this is by searching for HID conversion kits based on your car model or a trusted site like underground lighting. Their search filters will save you valuable time, while their conversion kits are more likely to adapt well to your car.

Get a Ballast

Halogen lamps do not require a ballast, but HID bulbs do. Ballasts help the HID lamp control voltage and current supply from the ignition to the light and balance the delicate operation. Getting an HID conversion kit without adequate ballast can lead to overheating and damage to your car's wiring system.

Quality Kit

Product quality in anything involving your car is crucial, especially regarding the kind of headlights you choose for your car. To get the best quality kit, read the product ratings and reviews, and shop from a reliable site.


HID bulbs are the best possible headlights you can get from your car. Not only do they give a hint of luxury, but they also offer brighter lighting.

To get the best out of HID lighting, choose the best fit for your car, get a good ballast, and choose a quality kit from a trusted site like Underground lighting.