Strobe Lighting: Can you use them for Private Vehicles?

What are Strobe Lights?

Strobe lights have become quite popular among car owners because of its intense light capabilities, easy-to-install features and high durability. You can find several strobe lights in the market with strong flash patterns and multiple color options. Many automotive lighting stores, online and otherwise, sell LED strobe lights. Strobe lights not only look beautiful and stunning but they also serve other purposes, including:

Creating Awareness among Road Users

Strobe lighting is the perfect way to distinguish an emergency vehicle from other civilian vehicles on the road. It allows other drivers to know that an official/emergency vehicle is passing by them. If any vehicle is using strobe lights on the road, other drivers and pedestrians immediately know to give way to it. It allows the emergency vehicles to reach their destinations quickly and respond to the problem immediately.

Ensuring Safety on the Road

In times of reduced visibility, strobe lights offer an easy alternative to distinguish the vehicle. If a vehicle has strobe lighting, it becomes instantly visible to other drivers, even from the distance. It also informs the road users about an approaching accident and makes them aware of the situation. Even road-maintenance workers and other crews use strobe lights to alert the drivers about ongoing work. 

Strobe Lighting: Look before your Leap

If you are looking to upgrade your car, lighting seems to be the most viable option. But, is strobe lighting the right choice for you? Even though they are affordable and easily available, is it okay to install strobe lighting in your car?

  • Emergency Vehicles can use Strobe Lighting

You may have seen red and blue LED strobes on police cars, firefighting vans, ambulances and other official/emergency vehicles. Using strobe lighting along with sirens, allows vehicles to respond faster to emergency situations. Private vehicles are not allowed to use the same flashing lights as emergency vehicles. It is for the same reason that you should avoid buying red and blue strobe lights.

  • Ideal for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles including construction vehicles, utility vehicles, security cars, snow ploughs, roadside-service vehicles, etc. are allowed to have strobe lighting. If a commercial vehicle is pulled to the side of the road to repair another car or to conduct maintenance work, it is required to switch on the strobe lights so that other vehicles can be informed about the ongoing work.

Can a Civilian use Strobe Lights?

A civilian can install strobe lighting products if he is a first-responder or a volunteer for emergency situations. If you are simply interested in using LED strobe lighting for aesthetic reasons, you can install it on your vehicle but cannot use it on public road. For example, if you are farmer and you are going to use the vehicle for patrolling your farms, it is okay to use strobe lights.  The authorities cannot ask you to shut off the strobe lights if you are using them in an auto show as well. So, remember to avoid switching on the strobe lights on the road and you are good to go.

Buying Strobe Lighting: Make an Informed Decision

There are many types of strobe lights available in the market. You can shop for LED strobe lights with different sizes, flashing patterns and colors. Also, there are multiple ways to mount them. If you are buying hide-away LED strobes, you can put them in the headlight or install the lights in reverse light sockets. You can also shop for grille-mount strobe lights, full-size light bars, dash and deck lights, etc. The choice is yours! 

If you are going to use the car for commercial purposes, you can install strobe lights according to the legal requirements and insurance clauses. But, if the upgrade is for your personal liking, opt for plug-and-play LED strobe lights that can be easily installed and removed according to your requirements.

Now, that you know all about strobe lights, go ahead and make a confident purchase.

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