What Are the Main Advantages of Xenon Lights Over Regular Car Lights?

Over time, Halogen headlights tend to look duller and dimmer than they once did. Not only does this yellowed, weaker light cause your car or truck to look outdated—it can be dangerous!

When you’re driving in the dark, or in snowy, rainy, and/or foggy conditions, you should be able to rely on your vehicle’s headlights to cast bright, brilliant light onto the road ahead.

Clear visibility is a must-have while driving, whether you’re on the road alone or sharing the street with other vehicles.

If you’re like most drivers experiencing dimmed, dull Halogen headlights, you’ve probably considered upgrading your car or truck’s lighting look to HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlight bulbs, also referred to as Xenon lights.

Luckily, Underground Lighting has all you need to instantly refresh and rejuvenate your vehicle’s headlight look and performance.

Not sure what these bulbs are all about? Let’s take a look at what HID headlights are, how they work, and what the benefits of HID lights are for your vehicle.

What are Xenon lights?

  • Xenon gas lights are a type of headlight bulb that produces a brilliant, bright white light that far outshines Halogen bulbs—literally.
    • In fact, HID headlights are typically 2-3 times brighter than Halogen models.
  • HID bulbs not only outshine Halogen bulbs, but they also outlast them as well—by a great deal!
  • Xenon lights are an instant way to upgrade and update your car or truck’s look, producing a light so white that it has an almost blueish tint. Some HID headlight models come in your choice of pure white or blue.
  • The brighter light that illuminates the road ahead of your vehicle with HID bulbs also provides a longer projection of light, meaning that more of the road in front of your car or truck will be visible, too.
    • Any oncoming hazards—or pedestrians—will be clearly visible in plenty of time to stop or slow to avoid an accident.

How do HID lights work?

  • HID headlights bulbs produce their unmistakable, aftermarket-vibe light when an electrical current pass through a tube that has electrodes on either end.
  • A chemical reaction occurs with the Xenon gas to create the innovative light.
  • Your vehicle’s power source then works to maintain the HID headlight bulb’s brightness and light output.
  • The main difference in the configuration of regular, Halogen bulbs versus Xenon gas bulbs is that Xenon bulbs do not have a filament, and Halogen bulbs do.

What are the benefits of HID/Xenon lights?

  • HID lights definitely last longer than stock Halogen lights—HID bulbs are known to last for up to 10,000 hours.
    • The less often you have to purchase and replace these bulbs, the more time and money you save.
  • Xenon gas headlights are also more energy-efficient, using half as much energy as typical Halogen bulbs.
  • Xenon gas lights also cast an unparalleled level of brightness on the road, all while minimizing the glare that shines on oncoming traffic.
  • The slim, sleek designs of UGL’s Xenon lights offer fast, effortless installation. Approximately 30 minutes is all you need to boost your car or truck’s style and safety factor, backed by a one-year warranty for added confidence in your product pick.
  • The efficient, easy installation, known as “plug and play,” ensures your lights will be brighter, whiter, and ready to hit the road in no time flat—no slicing or complicated wiring necessary.
  • UGL only uses the highest quality materials to deliver a flawless product that you simply cannot find anywhere else on the market.
    • While the initial price tag may seem heftier than Halogen replacement bulbs, the brighter shine, longer-lasting performance, and increased safety that comes with Xenon bulbs are more than worth the investment.
  • Not sure where to start? UGL’s team will be able to guide you in the right direction with their skilled, knowledgeable customer care and top-tier level of service.

Are you ready to ramp up your car or truck’s lighting look with HID headlights? Look no further than the fantastic selection offered by Underground LightingUGL’s vehicle lighting and accessories experts are ready and waiting to help you make the perfect pick to update and upgrade your vehicle’s style in an instant.

Simply call, chat, email to our professionals to get started on your search today!