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9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
9w Off Road White LED Rock Light Trucks Underground Lighting
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9w Off Road White LED Rock Light

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Upgrade Your Vehicle. Underground Lighting is amped up to be able to introduce our 9W White Rock Lights finally! Bringing these lights to market is super exciting because of how versatile these lights are. These White Rock Lights are an excellent accessory for any Off-Road Vehicle, Jeep, ATV, Boat, Trucks, Cars, or any other vehicle you want to use it on. Superbly Bright! These 9W White Rock Lights are perfect for illuminating the underbody or side of your off-road vehicle or ATV. It’s essential to make sure if you are out having fun, you are doing so safely.

Quality Construction. Made from aluminum, our White Rock Lights come with all required nuts, bolts, screws, and gaskets needed for installation. They use (3) CREE XBD LED chips. An absolute show stopper, you’re going to turn heads when people see your ride. We guarantee you’re going to be amazed by the crisp illumination of the light and durability. Adding our functional and stylish auxiliary lights will also help ensure safe riding for both the vehicle and persons involved. Here at Underground Lighting, we want you to have the most fun possible, but to also do so safely.

What’s included (per single order)

  • (1) Powder Coated Aluminum Black Light with 1.5 ft of wire per light
  • Hardware required for installation (Custom installations may require different equipment)

 For example: if you select four lights, you will receive 4 of what is listed in the “What’s Included Section.” 


For use as a vehicle accessory on but not limited to:

  • Off-Road Vehicles - Underbody mounts, Wheel Well Illumination, Exterior Illumination
  • Jeeps - Exterior Illumination
  • ATV - Exterior Illumination
  • Boats - Interior, Exterior Illumination, Trailer-mounted lighting
  • Trucks - Exterior Illumination, Truck Bed Lighting
  • Cars - Underbody mounting, Exterior Illumination

What Are Rock Lights? First, Auxiliary light use is to illuminate your vehicle and surroundings. Whether in the dark woods or your driveway, you want the capability to see underneath and around your vehicle. This is why it is ideal to have lightbars, floodlights, rock, and pod lights. Lightbars help illuminate vast areas in the front or side of the vehicle. Floodlights are great for light distance and width. Rock Lights are fantastic for illuminating the vehicle or within the proximity of the vehicle.

The primary use of white rock lights in an off-road application has been to place them under the vehicle in ways that would illuminate the surface for rock-crawling. If you are not familiar with rock-crawling, it’s pretty incredible. It’s an extreme form of off-road driving where we can highly modify our vehicles to overcome crazy obstacles. This is cool, but let’s not focus on just that. Their uses are so widespread, and the applications are truly endless.

 More Than Just An Off-Road Feature

Use your white rock lights to show off! Why not? Mount these lights to show off your wheel well with all the goods inside. It’s a great way to feature your suspension, tires, and would certainly help in the event you’re doing work down there anyways. From Jeeps to cars, an underglow or wheel well customization is ideal for many reasons and adds a great effect that always catches the eyes of anyone around.

Since these lights can be mounted on any flat surface, we can think of ways that are also not purposes solely for off-road application. Mount these lights on your motorcycle. Give that incredible underglow that makes it appear as if your ride is just floating. Put them in your truck bed. Many owners love putting bed covers on yet struggle to find the materials they need without having to lift the covers all the way up. Save time and energy by just having bed lights. You will love being able to see your entire truck bed and your friends will love the customization.

 If you have a boat or boat trailer, think of the ways these white rock lights would improve your ability to hook up, light up boat interiors, or water surface.  Reverse and loading lights give you the freedom and hands-free ability to load gear. Skip carrying around a flashlight with one hand trying to put everything where you need it. Just simply turn your white rock lights on and your set.

It’s simple, if you want added comfort, more illumination, style points, better productivity, then buy some white rock lights.


 Difficulty Level: Intermediate - Please read the product manual

 Installation time varies based on the quantity of lights and light usage. 

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Do you have questions about the application, installation, shipping, warranty, or more? Do not hesitate to reach out to Underground Lighting and talk to a specialist. Chat with us online by hitting the chat button or call us at (718) 752-7409. We are here to help!

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