Everything You Need to Know about D2H HID Bulbs

Driving in foggy or especially dark road conditions can be stressful—unless your vehicle is equipped with bright, long-lasting headlights built to penetrate the darkness.

Most vehicles are fitted with factory-grade Halogen bulbs, which tend to dull and dim over time, casting an outdated, yellow light instead of pure white brilliance onto the road ahead.

To refresh and revive your car or truck’s lighting style, a switch to D2H HID bulbs is definitely an upgrade worth making.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in light projection and performance when you go with reliable, reputable products from Underground Lighting, the leaders in auto lighting and accessories.

D2H HID Bulbs—Explained! 

First and foremost, you need to know what HID bulbs are and how they function.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlight bulbs, also referred to as Xenon gas bulbs, are known for producing a very intense, brilliant beam of light. The HID lamp sends an electrical current from an electrode at one end of an arc tube to another electrode at the opposite end.

  • The result is a glowing, neon-like light that far outshines Halogen bulbs—making more light by using less energy.
  • D2H bulbs are the perfect solution for replacing stock Halogen bulbs with better, brighter light output that is simply unmistakable.

Are D2S and D2H the Same?

While they share some similarities, D2S and D2H bulbs are not exactly the same. Both are types of HID headlight bulbs, but D2S bulbs are the older version of the two options.

  • D2H HID bulbs are a newer alternative to D2S bulbs, which means they reflect improved design and functionality features.
  • D2S is the size typically used in projector lamps, and most standard D2S bulbs have a socket-style connector on the base.
  • D2H HID bulbs are an aftermarket product that eliminate the need for a socket altogether.
    • Unlike D2S versions, D2H bulbs are built with wires coming out of the base, similar to AMP-style connectors.
    • These AMP-style connectors can be connected directly to a standard AMP HID ballast for added convenience.
    • Eliminating the need for sockets means a lower clearance and more room with D2H bulbs than you would have with older D2S models.

Why D2H Bulbs?

In addition to being widely regarded as the “new and improved” version of D2S bulbs, D2H HID bulbs provide a simpler construction, lower clearance, and more room where you need it.

  • Eliminating the need for sockets, D2H HID headlight bulbs are sleeker and more compact, with a more versatile fit than the older alternatives.
  • HID headlight bulbs are longer-lasting and more energy-efficient, which saves you ample time and money in the future.
  • Underground Lighting offers an array of top-quality products constructed from only the best and most innovative materials on the market.
  • Their trusted team of auto lighting and accessories professionals have all the expertise you need to select the best headlight replacement bulbs for your ride—exactly what you need to achieve that high-end style.

Consider this pick from Underground Lighting’s five-star selection:

D2H HID Replacement Bulbs - 3700 Lumens (2 Pieces)—UGL’s premium product features “plug and play” installation, meaning you can make the hassle-free switch in under half an hour. With the convenience of plug and play installation, you can trade out those outdated, yellowed-out Halogen bulbs without any complicated slicing or wiring involved.

UGL’s “plug and play” installation also comes with flicker-free and error-free functionality—so no bothersome error codes or flickering lights will cause you unnecessary worry.

  • 6000K of pure white light illuminates the dark and/or foggy road for ultimate visibility and enhanced safety.
  • The standout feature of this replacement bulb is that is works with pretty much any D2H Application HID kits—and the unparalleled shine will make your car or truck easily stand out from the crowd with a luxurious aftermarket look.
  • Covered by a one-year warranty, this High Output HID product is AC-powered, producing 3700 lumens and the best color and light output on the market.
  • Like all of UGL’s superior selections, this replacement bulb is tried, tested, and customer approved.
  • Flawless fitment is a result of construction with the highest quality materials available, and the customer reviews reflect UGL’s commitment to forward-thinking innovation.

Don’t waste any more time dealing with less-than-stellar lighting products and accessories for your vehicle. For the best in D2H HID bulbs—and much more—trust the pros at Underground Lighting.

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