RGB Multicolor Rock Lights with Bluetooth Phone Controls

Underground Lighting is pleased to introduce one of the first  Multicolor Rock Lights to the market! They are controlled by your phone with the app BLE DIM, from your app store.

You can then customize what color you would like from Pink to Green and everything in between. Each light has 13ft of wire to the control box, You can walk away from your vehicles and your lights will remain on! very durable, made from aluminum, they come with all the nuts, bolts, screws and gaskets needed for the install! These lights are a show turner and they are fun to play with!!

The Controller on the APP has a lot of options to play with. You can make the LEDs strobe, stay solid color, play to the beat of music and more.


What's in the box?

4 powder coated black lights with 13ft of wire per light

8 gaskets, 2 different styles of mounting points

Hardware necessary to mount them

Control box