H11 2in1 LED Headlight Bulbs Color Changing Demon Eye for Projector + Reflector

Get rid of the dull yellow Halogen light with Our Underground Lighting H8/H9/H11 30W PNP LED Headlight Bulbs With Color Changing Demon Eye Upgrade Kit!

We are pleased to offer our H8/H9/H11 Led Demon Eye Headlight Kit. This is the best Of both worlds, Super bright functional Led Low and/or High beam with Muti Color demon eyes to light up the projector or reflector. Get the Wow factor and cool Look All In One. This simple modification will make your Car stand out from the crowd. Just change out the halogen light bulbs inside your headlights, replacing them with our plug and play LED Demon Eye kit replacements for a cool pure white glow with muti color demon eye for looks.

For the demon eye function you will have to tap for power and ground, kit comes with wire. When installing tap for a power that is not on when the low beam is on other wise you will not see any colors. This design has a functional low beam that turns on when the car triggers the low beam over riding the demon eye colors.

Demon eye is controlled by Bluetooth with a phone app.

Not only is Underground Lighting more cost effective than the rest, but it is actually BRIGHTER, too! Additionally, these lights are covered by a one-year warranty.

This is the best replacement for DRL Bulbs, They can handle low wattage and High Beam. The Bulb Will do both Filaments.

Works on 

Underground Lighting H8/H9/H11 Upgrade Kit for All H8/H9/H11 Application Cars ( Please make sure you have room to fir the bulb as it is longer than a factory halogen. Some vehicles have the battery or washer pump in the way.):

  • NEW!!! Indestructible Aluminum Bases.
  • NEW!!! Exclusive design; they copy, we continue to innovate. 
  • White 6000K
  • High Output LEDs 30W 4200 Lumens
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • The best color and light output on the market - tested and verified
  • High quality materials, precision machined for flawless fitment
  • Innovative designs allowing maximization of light output for each application
  • The socket base is fully adjustable to angle light in any direction.