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LED headlights

Both HID and LED bulbs burn brighter and last longer than their outdated predecessors. Trading your old, yellow bulbs out for these newer models is a simple way to upgrade your car or truck’s lighting look.  

Read on for our roundup of the top picks available at Underground Lighting, your one-stop shop for all your auto lighting accessory needs.  

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Finding a good headlight bulb can improve the appearance of your car increase its safety features. LED headlight bulbs are some of the most high-functioning options available to replace vehicle headlight bulbs. 

Let’s dive into what makes a good LED headlight bulb and how to choose the best kit for your car. 

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Even the most experienced driver can feel anxious driving at night. Once the sun sets, new roadside risks and hazards present themselves in darker driving conditions.

In order to feel as safe and prepared as possible when you’re ready to hit the road, consider equipping your car or truck with a newer pair of headlights. The two most popular types of headlights are HID and LED bulb models. Let us explore the key features and differences.

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